Welcome Address for Volunteers in Organisation or Companies

Sample Welcome Address for Volunteers in a social work organization, NGO, Welfare Organization, or donation-based school.

Sample Welcome Address

Dear Volunteers,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the AH Foundation and introduce you to our summer internship program. My name is Mr. James, and I work as the Manager Marketing in the AH Foundation. The duration of the summer internship program is from (Date) To (Date).

In the summer internship program, each of your volunteers will be allocated to various departments. You will interact with special children while engaging in various activities such as sports, music, etc. I can assure you that this internship will be a very different yet refreshing and positive experience and will create awareness of the difficulties the special children face and how important it is to help them. I would also encourage all the volunteers to assist the Marketing Department and donate generously to the AH Foundation.

Nevertheless, on behalf of the AH Foundation, I would like to personally thank all the volunteers for applying for our summer internship and taking such an interest in it.

Thank you very much for your time

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