Request Letter for Cancellation of Transfer Order

Sample request application letter for cancellation of transfer of job from one place to other or one area to other area. Application letter to stop transfer order of job for your old employee. How to write application TO COMMANDANT for RETAIN MY DUTY AT SAME PLACE.

Request to Cancel Transfer Letter


Mr. Rajive Shukla,

Commandant Genreral,

Group4 Security Services,

Deira, Dubai.


Venerated Sir,

Please refer to my visit at your office yesterday regarding my request to retain me at the same duty location where I have been working since last four years.

As discussed, the current duty place is very convenient for me to reach to and from the home which saves lots of valuable time.

The new suggested location is very far from my accommodation and requires at least 4 hours daily travelling which is quite expensive logistically also and it may also affect my work efficiency due to the fatigue.

So, I would like to request that please cancel my transfer order and retain me at the same place as there have been no issues as far as my performance is concerned. You can get the feedback from the GM operations.

Thanks for your usual support as ever.

Best Regards,


Nigel Wright.

Site Manager,

Burj Views, Downtown,


Request Letter for Cancellation of Job Transfer Order
Request Letter for Cancellation of Job Transfer Order


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