Issuance of Certificate of Employment Request Letter

Want to request a service certificate from your employer? Sample request letter for Issuance of Certificate of Employment, Internship, Training Program after the ceremony.

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Certificate of Employment Request Letter


Subject: Application for Issuance of Employment Certificate

Dear Sir,

I, (your name), was an employee at (mention the company name ). I performed well during my tenure as per my capabilities. But just after my resignation, I could not receive the service certificate. So I am extremely sorry that I could not attend the farewell. So I request you to kindly issue my certificate.

Thank you

Name and Signatures

Request Letter for Issuance of Employment Certificate

The Human Resource Manager,
Tango Textile Mill.

Dear Sir,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirit. I have worked in this organization for three years as a plant supervisor. Unfortunately, I recently had to resign from this job because I relocated to New York due to family-related issues, and I could not commute daily.

Now, I have to search for another job near my place, and I require an experience letter from you to acquire a better alternate. So, kindly issue an employment certificate for me to help me continue my career.



Issuance of Certificate of Employment Request Letter

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