Salary Increments and Benefits

Application for Salary Increment & Promotion by School Teacher

Sample application letter to request salary increment by school teacher to principal. School teacher needs promotions, salary increase with their experience, expertise and skill set they achieved with the time.

Promotion & Application for Salary Increment after One Year

The Principal,

Government College

Respected Sir,

I plead my request in front of your highness. I was told at the start of my session when I began to teach in this college as a lecturer that was one year ago i.e. August 05, (Date) that if my result will cross 90%, I shall be rewarded with a salary increment by 10% and also be promoted to the “Assistant Professor” post.

Sir, all the sections of the college given to me have passed with an accumulative 95%.

I hope that you remember your promise. I will be really obliged at your kindness.

Hoping for a kind response.

Yours sincerely,


Request for Salary Increment by Teacher in School

Respected Principal,

It is to state that i, Mrs Rabia Riaz, have been working as JST Junior School Teacher at your school for two years. In this span of time, I have performed up to the mark. I have attached the evaluation report sheet herewith, to support my application. I request you for an increment in salary as per the performance appraisal system and I assure you that getting increment in salary will increase my performance level. I hope that you will grant my request.

Thanking You

Rabia Riaz

JST Junior School

Application for Salary Increment in School by Teacher


The Principal,

Subject:  Increment in Salary

I have been teaching in the school from a long time and I am having some financial problems in living comfortably with my current salary. I am living on my own in a rented apartment and with increasing cost of living I am finding my salary not enough to live comfortably. As I am a reputable and well performing the duties assigned to me,  I hereby submitting my application for a reasonable increment in the current salary based upon my performance so that I can resolve the current encountered problems.

Thanking you in anticipation,


Salary Increase Application by School Teacher

Dear Principal,

This letter is to request a salary increase. I have been serving as Science teacher since the last few years and only have received the increment in salary two years before. As now the classes has also been increased from four to eighth standard and number of lectures have also been increased from 100 to 150 a month. To carry on my teaching with the same motivation and determination I request an increase in my monthly salary. I know that my application would be taken into consideration.

Warm Regards,

Hammad Saleem

Request for Salary Increment by Teacher in School

Lecturer Post Annual Increment Request Letter

The Head of Department (Computer Sciences),
(xxxxx) University.

Respected sir,
I am fine and I hope you are doing fine too. Been days since we had a cup of tea together! Sir, I am writing this letter to remind you that my annual salary increment has still not been processed. I request you to kindly process my increment as soon as you can.

Best Regards,

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