Promotion Letter as Team Leader


Justification for promotion sample letter. How to write a promotion letter for team leader. Team leader, or supervisor promotion letter.

Promotion Letter Format for Team Leader

The Solutions PVT LTD
6 Empress Road, ABC

Dear Mr. Asim,

We are pleased to inform you that you are promoted as a Team Leader in the company. We have seen your efforts, and struggles at work. That is why we have decided to promote you. We are sure that you have potential to be a good team leader, and you can bring your team to achieve its target.

Your performance is appreciated, and impressive. Keep the good work up. We hope that you will be a good team leader, and we wish you all the best.

Best Regards,

General Manager

Promotion Letter by Team Leader

Respected John,

I’m with pleasure writing this letter so that I can inform you that you’ve been promoted, from team member to team leader, as the previous team leader has resigned from the post, and you are working with us since 2 years, and have much experience than others. Give your best now.

Best of luck!


(Head’s Name)

Request Letter for Promotion, and Salary Increment


Promotion, and salary increment letter format.  Sample letter for salary increase to employee. Letter of request for salary increase free sample.

Salary Increment Request Letter to Boss

Fatima Group, Cant

Respected Human Manger,

I hope you are enjoying well your best health. I just want to throwback some discussions which were held about a half year ago, in between us.  As I have completed my probation period successfully with designated targets. In addition, I have made a record number of inquiries from customers end for the company with five matured big deals for the company.

Now I am expecting for salary increment from your end, which would act a source of motivation for me. Furthermore, you were also promised me that company would make an increment in my salary after completion of probation. In the end, I would be thankful to you regarding the approval of salary increment from your end.

Kind Regards

Abbas Raza
Employee ID No, 2141

Request Letter for Promotion, and Salary Increment

The managing director,
Good news international.

Dear sir/madam,

I have been working in your company for almost 10 years as a reservation officer. During this period i always keep my commitment of hard working, to be punctual, and in company’s favor. I am doing all my duties, and responsibilities very well as you are watching each employee.

I request you for my promotion, and increase my salary. It shall be a big favor from you on me. I would be grateful to you.

Yours faithfully,


Promotion, and Salary Increment Letter

Dear Sir,

Hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to you so that I can remind you that next month, I am completing my two years of job, as per policy of company, I will get promotion, and salary increment next month. It’s a request to you that please do this next month. It would be a great source of pleasure.



Hasham Bajwa
Sale Executive

Request for Salary Increment for the Worker


Sample application letter for requesting increase in salary for workers under your supervision, within your department etc.

Request for Salary Increment of a worker

Dear Sir,

I have been working under your supervision for 2 years. I have worked extremely hard to add value to this organization. But, unfortunately, I am getting the same remuneration package on which I started my services.

In the last two years, due to high inflation, commodities’ prices have risen to a large extent. And also I am married, and my child has also started going to school. My family expenses have risen, and I am unable to make both ends meet in this salary.

Under these circumstances, it is therefore requested that I should be given an increment in my salary package proportionate to the existing inflation rate.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Request for Salary Increment for the Worker

To HR,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to request that I am a team leader in this company for last four years. My workers have been working really hard to put this company’s reputation high. Time has changed a lot but yet workers’ pay remains the same. Kindly give them increment in salary as they worked really hard for this company.

Thank You

Team leader,
Jennifer smith

Request for Salary Increment for the Worker

Dear Sir,

I am writing this to you so that I can request you to please add increment in the salary for one of my team member, as I am the head of the team he wants me to request you to add increment in his next pay. I will be thankful if you do this on my behalf.

Hoping for positive response


Project Head,
Asim Javed

Request of Salary Increment for the Worker



The HR department, Nyx INC,

Respected sir,

With due respect, I would like to inform you about the work progress of our newly hired staff. As their probation period is over, and their work performance is up to the mark. I would like to request you to increase their salaries as per agreement. Please find attached documents of every individual. Thanks,


Manager, Media department

Application for Bonus Request


Request letter to drawings & discussing officer for recovery of double bonus from salary. Bonus Request Letter to Employer. Application for Bonus after Resignation. Application for Bonus Request. Application for Bonus Payment

Sample Letter for Bonus Claim

Bonus Request Letter to Employer

The Accounts Officer,

The Café

Jiaotong Avenue, Turkey

Subject: Bonus Encashment Request, and Recovery from Salary Issue

Respected Concern,

Most respectfully it is stated that last month establishment has announced the two month salary in bonus for the employees. I have submitted my request to draw the bonus but your clerk has intimated me about the request to be processed as the advance salary encashment. I want this office to make clear the status of my double bonus, and why there is a delay in credit of my bonus to the office account. Kindly verify my account number XZTRG032, and make process towards the encashment of my bonus urgently please.

Yours Sincerely,


Executive Chef

Application for Bonus Request

General manager,
BVCPS Pakistan
Dear Sir,
On behalf of the reporting team, I request you to award bonus for the entire time since they have worked very hard throughout the year, and achieved monthly & annual targets set by the management. My Team has also worked late hours, in night shifts, and on Sundays to meet the target without overtime, or any extra money & remuneration.
Awarding bonus will be a very good appreciation for the team anf also for myself to take along all the employees for the coming year, and for fulfilment of company’s targets & goals
Warm Regards
Fahad Faraz
(Assist Manager Operation)

Application for Release of Bonus against Sales Target


The Director Finance, 




Dear Sir ,

Refer to our year (Date) sales target policy I am pleased to inform you that I have sold my sales targets set by the company for year (Date).

As per our company sales policy my early target achieving for current year a bonus of amount Rs 5000/= is due at company’s end. So it is humble request to please release my bonus amount, and provide me sales target for remaining month of year (Date).

Yours Sincerely,

Wasi Haider

Employee Code  : 1234 ( North Zone)

Advance Increment For Higher Qualification


Sample request letter application to ask for promotion, and salary increment with increase in pay scale because of additional qualification during the job. Sample application for increment for acquiring higher qualification from company, or boss.

Additional Increment For Higher Qualification



Finance department

Dear Sir,

With all due respect, I hereby write this application to ask for increment in my salary according to my qualification. The salary package is insufficient for my qualification. The company rules state an extra stipend for workers with higher qualifications.

I have been working in your company for more than two years now, and I still have not received any increment for my experience as well. Along with that I also possess a higher qualification than required for this job. I would like to request an advance increment as per my qualification, and experience.

An advanced payment shall be a nice incentive for me. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.



Promotion Request for Additional Qualification

Respected sir,

I am working as a vice clerk in your company from last two years. At the time of joining your company I had the qualification of graduation, and during these two years of my job I also have completed my master’s degree. I have completed my MSc in organic chemistry, and also got distinction. So sir kindly increase my increment, I have attached my MSc degree with application form.



Advance Increment For Higher Qualification

Dear Sir

It is apprised that I am working in this organization for the last 5 years as a Junior Clerk in the Personnel Section. The initial requirement to join this service as Junior Clerk was matriculation along with a diploma of computer typing skills. During my service I continued my studies after obtaining proper no objection certificate from the department, and passed my intermediate examination, and graduation respectively. I now want to get my qualification documented in my service record after completion usual departmental formalities. Keeping above in view it requested that my departmental documental action may kindly be taken in this regard so that salary increment be granted to me upon obtaining additional qualification. An early action is solicited please.

Yours sincerely,


Increment Asking For Additional Qualification


The Manager, Nestle UAE,

Respected sir,

With due respect I would like to inform you that my MBA result is now out, and I have successfully done it with good CGPA, and as per the contract you are supposed to increase my basic salary from 30,000 to 40,000. I will submit the transcript by Monday along with the other forms.  I hope that you will consider my request, and process it as soon as possible, looking for a positive response. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Mr. James John,

Marketing department

Increment Asking For Additional Qualification

Grant of advance salary increments on acquiring/possessing higher technical qualification.

Application for Salary Increment & Promotion by School Teacher


Sample application letter to request salary increment by a school teacher to Principal. School teachers need promotions and salary increases with their experience, expertise, and skillset they achieved.

Promotion & Application for Salary Increment after One Year in College for Extra Ordinary Performance

The Principal,

Dear Sir,

I plead my request for your kind attention. At the start of my session, you promised that if my class result crosses 90%, I would be rewarded with a 10% salary increment by 10% and promotion to “Assistant Professor”.

Sir, most of my students passed with an accumulative 80%. I hope that you remember your promise. I will be obliged for your kindness.

I hope for your kind approval.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name

Salary Increment Application Letter to Principal

Dear Principal,

I want to request a salary increment with my increased responsibilities recently. I have been teaching for a long, but my salary has not increased with time. I need your kind attention to get a handsome increment because my current salary isn’t enough to maintain routine life. I will be waiting for your kind approval.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Request for Salary Increment by Teacher in School

Dear Principal,

It is to state that I, Mrs. Rabia Riaz, have been working as JST Junior School Teacher at your school for two years. In this period, I have performed up to the mark. I have attached the evaluation report sheet herewith to support my application. I request you for an increment in salary as per the performance appraisal system, and I assure you that getting an increment in pay will increase my performance level. I hope that you will grant my request.

Thanking You

Your Name

Application for Salary Increment in School by Senior Teacher

The Principal,

Subject:  Increment in Salary

I have been teaching in the school for a long time, and I have some financial problems living comfortably with my current salary. I am living on my own in a rented apartment, and with the increasing cost of living, I am finding my salary not enough to live comfortably. However, I am reputable and well-performing in my duties, so I request a reasonable wage increment based on my performance.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Your Name

Pay Increase Request Letter to Employer by School Teacher

Dear Principal,

I want to request a salary increment for myself. I served as a science teacher for the last few years, and I received my previous increment two years ago. My classes and daily lectures have also been increased recently. Therefore, I request an immediate salary increment to continue my teaching with the same motivation and determination. I know that You will consider my application.

Warm Regards,

Hammad Saleem

Reminder Letter for Asking Salary Increment to Principal

The Head of Department (Computer Sciences),

Dear Sir,
I am fine, and I hope you are doing fine too. It’s been days since we had a cup of tea together! Sir, I want to remind you that my salary increment has not been granted so far. Therefore, I request you to kindly expedite the process of my increment as soon as you can kindly.

Best Regards,
Your Name

Salary Increment Letter Sample


Sample Salary Increment Request Letter to employer, manager, Boss, HR Manager, Admin Manger, Chairman, CEO, or director. Requesting increment is not easy but a good request letter can make it easy, and simple. So keep remember our website when ever you write any increment letter.

Salary Increment Letter Format

Dear [Manager Name],

Subject: Request for change in salary

It has been a pleasure working for company for the last 6 months. As you are aware, my probation period is over, and I concluded that I have potential to work in the best interest of the company in the capacity of the job assigned to me. I guarantee that you will not regret your decision.

I tried to prove my abilities to the best interest of the company’s business. You are convinced that I am the suitable person for the position.

I appreciate if you put trust in me, and extend my pay . Kindly I request for my salary to be reviewed based on the circumstances presented within.

Thank you,


Request of Salary Increment to Boss

The Head of Department,

University of Gujrat.

Dear Sir,

It is to be stated that I have been serving this institute since Nov (Date) in the department of computer science. I have worked hard, and given the best regarding my performance. On the basis of this two years effort I humbly request for a salary increment. I shall be thankful for this kind favor.

Looking forward to your kind concern.

Yours truly


Asking Salary Increment Letter Format

The General Manager
AZ Communications

Through Proper Channel

Subject: Application for Salary Increment

Dear Sir,

Respectfully it is submitted that I am working in Development Wing under your kind control for the last three years. I have also passed the Promotion Exam after which I am eligible for an increment of Rs.1000/- per month as per E&D Rules (Copy attached herewith for ready reference).

You are therefore requested to please direct the concerned for processing of my salary Increment Case.

I shall be highly obliged.
Yours Truly,

Hameed Anwar
Engineer Microwave

Application for Increment in Monthly Salary

The Chief Executive Officer

Subject: Application for Increment in Monthly Salary

Dear Sir,

I have been working in your company for 3 years as office bearer. Currently I am getting 14,000 per month as my salary. But I am finding it very difficult to manage my household expenditures with this salary. I am living in a rented house, the landlord has also increased the monthly rent of his property. My three children are also studying in a school. I am also facing difficulty to fulfill their schooling expenses.

The prices of fuel, and daily use commodities have also been increased.  The payment of utility bills is becoming another headache. So in such circumstances it has become difficult for me to run my household affairs. That is why I am requesting your honor that my monthly salary should be increased as much as possible. Otherwise it would be very difficult for me to survive on this job.

Yours Sincerely,

Khawaja Jamshaid

Salary Increment Request Letter

Application Letter for Salary Increment

Dear Sir,

I am Shabbir. I have been working here for three years.  This organization has provided me good experience to learn. I am satisfied with the organization, and the staff to whom I am working with. Sir, I am currently receiving a monthly income of 60,000 rupees.  However, there has not been announced any increment in my salary yet.

There is need of time to increase salary after six months considering the hike of dearness in Pakistan. I request you to please increase my salary. I will be thankful for this.


How to Fix Salary Basic, and Allowances


How to Fix Salary Basic, and Allowances for newly hired office staff.

Qualification Based Salary:  You can fix the salary based on Professional Qualification. Most of the companies also have grading systems. They specify the grading based on qualification. For example, for graduation, they have 12th Grade, and 14 for Master Qualifications. And they offer a salary to new staff according to grades only, and also offer increments as per grades. Like two increments for 12th Grade, and three increments for 14 Grades, and likewise.

Professional Experience-Based Salary:

You can also fix the salary as per the experience of the employee. For the senior employees, you must have to pay more salary than the lower experience staff.

Designation Based Salary:

Sometimes it is necessary to fix the salary as per the designation of the employee. For example, if you are hiring two persons. One as manager, and the other as executive, or assistant then you must have to pay more salary for the manager, and less for the other post, or junior post.

Work Load Based Salary:

Most of the labor, or daily worker salaries are fixed on the basis of workload, and efforts to complete work.

Working Hours Based Salary:

A most simple form to fix wages of the daily worker, or regular employees. Just pay per hour. This type of salary system mostly used in larger factories where a large number of workers perform the same tasks like production units, stitching units, etc.

Salary Revision Letter Sample for Employees


Below is the salary revision letter sample available for free download. This letter informs your company employees that their annual increments will be revised because of new criteria, and policy. You can customize this letter as per your needs.

Salary Revision to Employees, and Staff

Dr. Sehrish
GM Kamalia Sugar Mills
Kamalia Road,

Subject: Salary Revision of Company Staff

Dear Staff Members.

This is to inform all the staff members that the company management decided to revise the salary increments at the end of this month. Management also announced that they would address all the issues raised by the staff members in this salary revision. During the revision process, if a staff member’s salary will be increased, the company will pay the revised increment from July onward.

All staff members can submit their salary revision applications to the HRD department before the 15th of the current month.

All staff members also requested to please do not disturb the administration staff regarding revising of salary increments.

Warm Regards,


Salary Revision Letter Sample Free Download

Salary Revision Letter for Employees

Dear Employees,

It is being notified with great pleasure, and satisfaction that this firm has reaffirmed its commitment towards providing its employees with the best possible salary packages, and other perks, and privileges for helping them maintain a good lifestyle.

Keeping in view the rapid increase in commodity prices, and increasing demand from employee representatives, the senior management has decided to revise all employees’ salary structures. It has been approved that the Basic salary of all grades should be increased by 20% along with a 15% increase in overtime rates of all the relevant departments.

It has also been decided that the company will provide complementary medical, and education insurance to all the employees, and their immediate family members. All the other perks, and bonuses remain intact. We hope that these decisions will enhance the motivation level of you all, and provide excellent results in the future.

Chief Executive Officer

What is the Subject in Salary Increment Letter?


A salary increment letter can be summarized under various subject lines. But one thing you need to keep in mind. Always use simple subject lines, and very short, and clear letter to request a salary increment. Longer subject lines, and lengthy letters can create confusions for the reader.

One simple way to request a salary increment is just to write very short subject line, and straight forward request in the letter body. Before writing any straight request it would be much better to mention your progress, achievements, job duration, your commitment to the job, and your interpersonal skills, education and qualities. But you must be specific, and write a concise request.

Possible Subject lines in Salary Increment Letter

  • Request for Salary Revision
  • Request for Salary Increment
  • Requesting to Revise My Salary
  • Salary Increment Request
  • Special Allowance Request
  • Request to Increase the Daily Allowance
  • Bonus Increment Request

Don’t be specific on the above given subject lines you can use your own, or create your own subject line according to your needs.

What is the Subject in Salary Increment Letter