Education System in Pakistan. Will We Succeed?

Today education has become necessary for everyone’s life; Survival without education is becoming difficult. A recent survey shows that in today’s environment labour level jobs also requiring education to work on machines, to drive machines, and to quantify the work, and calculate the earnings.

But in developing countries education is challenge for low earners, especially in Pakistan. Because in Pakistan income is on top priority then education in all institutions. So for low earners it is too much difficult to pay high fees. Free education of the government schools, and various NGO’s are offering but to study in most of those schools is about none.

Low salaries, teachers absents, low qualification, and no teacher training’s are the main reasons of low quality education especially in Pakistan. The teachers don’t know what they are teaching, students don’t know what they are studying, and teachers are going to schools for salaries, students for attendance, and to satisfy parents. Students learn nothing, and wasting their time in Pakistani schools according to current demand, and competition. Quality education is also available in Pakistan but that is limited to only few students in 13 Crore students.

In today’s fast moving world Pakistan is still lacking quality education even after having good infrastructure, and the same practices are ongoing from nursery to university level. Universities, and schools want to earn more, and more rather to better education their students. All above reasons promoting academy culture in Pakistan, or part time home tuition culture in Pakistan. Because of tuition culture parents have to pay double fees first at schools, then academy’s. Education system in Pakistani universities is shame for the Muslims. We proudly say we are Muslims but reality is different. The first message from the God to our holy prophet was education.

The government must take the necessary steps to improve this system otherwise we will be failure in the world with no education. Every Pakistani wants to go abroad but they have in mind in advance that they will work as labor, and can survive with low earnings. HSMP highly affected Pakistan because the thousands of educated Pakistanis already migrated, and many trying to migrate.

If we will not standardize our education system we will be failure state in the world. But unfortunately for this system educated leadership is necessary. No one is thinking about this. But this is guaranteed that we will never grow with this system in the world. Everyone knows what is happening but no one working for its betterment. We should make our country good educational brand.

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Written by: M. Sami

Author: David Beckham

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