Hate Your Job? Start Business from Your Mobile Phone Today


Most of the job holders, and job seekers don’t know how to start their own earning from mobile phones. Because whenever we think about business, many questions come to mind like Heavy investment, planning, risk of failure, and losses, staff hiring, office place, and rent, tax, loans, heavy credits in business, the idea is not suitable, How I will survive if job losses, and many more questions always stop us thinking to start any business.

From this article, you will learn how to start earning from your smart mobile phone quickly. Smartphone business ideas can change your life without any investments.

Business Ideas with Mobile Phones

Below is the list of businesses you can start with your smartphone. We only discussed few selected mobile phone business opportunities.

YouTube Channel:

YouTube channel creation is the easiest to create, and start earning. Following are the main areas to start, and earn:

Informative Videos:

You can make informational videos as per your knowledge about a particular problem, or topic. Like you can make a video about your profession to guide others whether to enter your field, or not. Further, you can discuss the scope of your profession, problems, and difficulties, future, and who should join this profession, and who shall not.

This is just an example you are free to make videos on any topic but make sure all shall be interesting, and rich of knowledge, and the facts of the video must be real. If your video is good enough for others to learn about anything, or something, and it worth watching, and spending time to watch you can monetize it, and start earning from YouTube with an Adsense account.

Educational Videos:

If you are a teacher you can record lectures on particular subjects according to your specialized subjects, or you can criticize any teaching methods, or appreciate the educations system whatever you know, and can be valuable for others.

Record, and monetize your videos, and start earning from YouTube channels. You can create videos for your own students, for other school students, you can teach syllabus books, and enjoy earnings.

Entertainment Videos:

You can make entertaining videos like prank videos, or videos regarding any event to entertain people, and make them happy. You will be amazed by the results.

Video Tutorials:

If you are skillful you can make videos to teach the viewers how do certain tasks, can solve problems, making things, and much more can be added to this category like a tutorial to use computers, repair computers, using software etc.

Adventurous Videos:

If you love adventures you can make videos to show your adventures to others like racing on a car, touring a place, skydiving, writing memories, where people get involved emotionally. Give an attractive titles to your videos. Monetize, and start earning.


Review Writing:

You can write your expert advice about any product, or service you have been used, or you know well about the product, or your friend is using, and you know the whole story. This type of article is high in demand, and people always prefer to read about products/services before they buy. Monetize your blog with Adsense, and start earning.

Guides to Do(tutorials)

You can write guides/instructions to solve problems, make goods, procedures to perform tasks, and things related to people interests. Never imagine this thing not need tutorials. Every tutorial is valuable, and it depends on how beautiful, and easy way you create it.

Video Guides:

You can create video tutorials to perform the tasks, and you can choose to write first all the procedures, and then make a video to do the task. Many times people hesitate to read but love to watch video tutorials. So you should create both options. it doesn’t matter other bloggers offering the same tutorial/guide you should make it by yourself in your own way, and you can tell the better way to perform the task.


Sales of Affiliate Platform Products,
Selling your items on Sales Platforms
Selling your services

SMS Marketing:

SMS Marketing

You can use your mobile for SMS marketing for clients. You can buy an SMS portal for bulk messaging, or use any mobile for bulk SMS sending, and offer your clients SMS marketing service. For this purpose, you can send promotional SMS to prospective clients, and offer them different packages, and rates.

WhatsApp Marketing:

This is the most demanding marketing tool nowadays. Everyone has no idea to send a bulk WhatsApp message to the clients. You can google for WhatsApp bulk messaging software, and after learning, and trial, you can offer Whatsapp marketing messages to your clients. Real estate is a major sector interested in WhatsApp marketing. This service is almost free for you, and you can charge your clients even more rates than SMS messages.

Mobile Apps:

Make a Mobile app related to your core competency, and offer the android, and ios users any kind of content/service, or support, and earn money from ads, or directly charging the users. You can also sell your app.

Mobile Games:

You can plan a mobile game, get it to build, and launch on android/ios for Entertainment, and Education of People.

Mobile phone-related business ideas to learn how to start a business on your phone. Businesses you can start with your smartphone are discussed.

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