Letter for Decrease in Sales, or Low Sales

Acknowledgement letter to company for decrease in sales due to high prices, and high competition with explanation of market situation. We are losing sale due to high rate of our products. Compare others company.

Letter for Low Sales


The CEO,

Subject: Identification of problem causing the decline in sales.

Dear Sir,

I have been asked to visit the provincial headquarters of the company to investigate, and identify the lead causes that are behind the decline of sales in the previous six months in this geographic division of the company. During my investigation following points came to attention that are of critical nature, and need immediate attention:

The Company is dealing in a large number of products which are very different in nature. The sales force is also not divided into product line wise. The company is not able to spend enough on R&D which is vital for survival in sheer competition in the market due to very large number of products.

The company is unable to allocate the resources to all the products thus the large number of products are obsoleting.

The Company needs to shut down more than 40 % of the product lines so that the products we are best at get the proper attention. The continuous change in the market requires consistent improvements in our products to survive the competition.

I am requesting you to allow me to assemble a team to develop a strategy to help us revive again as the market leader.

Respectfully yours,

Market Research Officer


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