New Employee Introduction Email to Clients

New employee announcement to clients in replacement to old employee by the company, or employer etc.

New Employee Introduction Email

The HR Team,

Dear fellow colleagues,

This email is to notify you that we have a new employee in our office, and he shall be joining us from the coming Monday. Apart from exceptional communication skills he comprises of a brilliant skill as well. I would like you to kindly talk to him, and make him feel comfortable in our office environment till he blends in. For now he has been appointed as the floor manager, and will be managing the staff below him.
Feel free to write back in case of any queries.

Thanking you,

Introduction Email to Clients

To all employees,

I am writing to you because I would like to inform you all of some company developments. This company has always done things old school with always keeping paper documents, and backups. No computers, and other technology. However it’s time to change. From next week this company will have its own website with its own email address every employee will have their own computer at their desks so from now you can introduce our email to all clients, and future clients.

This will be just for clients so that if they have any concerns, or worries they can email, and will guarantee an answer within 24 hours.  We hope that with this we will get more, and more clients, and so become a bigger company.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Joe Foster

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