Promotion Letter with Additional Responsibilities

Sample format of promotion letter to send to the selected candidate, and telling them that how lucky they are to get this job, and how the promotion in post means addition in their responsibilities, and commitment towards work.

Promotion Letter with Additional Responsibilities


With due respect I’m very glad to announce that you’ve been promoted from assistant manager to manager, Now you’ve to work for 12 hours rather than 9 hours as your responsibilities, and work load are increased now. Hope you will give your best.

Best of luck!


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Promotion Letter with Additional Responsibilities

 To the employee,

Dear Employee,

It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been selected for the post of senior manager of High Tech Communication. Congratulations! You should be extremely proud of your accomplishment as only one employee is promoted every year from our office.

On the basis of your hard work, discipline, and punctuality, the CEO has decided to give you this rare opportunity. But you must know that with promotion comes hard work. Not only will this promotion result in your increase in salary but will also increase the responsibilities on your shoulder. However, I am sure that you will handle your new post with a renewed ardor, and will prove that you do deserve this position. You will start your work as a senior manager from the beginning of next month.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact me. Congratulations again.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor

Assistant CEO


Promotion Letter With Additional Responsibilities


Dear (employee name),

You have served the company in best way. Your services are appreciable. We are glad to announce that you have been promoted from accounts executive to accounts manager due to your hard work, and responsible behavior. Along with your present work you have been given additional responsibilities of admin. Now apart from managing accounts of the company you have also to look after HR duties including employee selection, and creating food menu. Hope you will accomplish these duties the way you have always done.

Congratulations once again for your promotion. Best regards for future.




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