Request to Boss for Quotations Acceptance

Letter to boss request to accept the quotation from the client because we have no more quotations, and there are a limited number of vendors available.

Request Email to Boss to Accept the Quotation

Dear Sir,

I want your attention to the approval of the quotation shared with you previously. Please note that there are a very limited number of vendors available in our area. So we can not go for more and more options.

This quotation is based on the best available quality and rates. I request you to please accept and approve the quotation. Further delay can cause a price hike.

Please consider this quotation for final approval because all other options are low in quality or higher in price. I will be waiting for your kind response.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Request to Boss for Acceptance of Quotations

Chief Executive Officer

ABC Company

Respected Madam,

I am hoping that you are enjoying good health, and I am praying for it. This is to bring to your attention that the IT Department of our Organization submitted a requisition for the purchase of 10 laptops of specified brands.

On the basis of the request received, the purchasing department had pursued relevant laptops dealers for the purposes of obtaining quotes on the basis of their evaluation record being maintained for the said purposes.

After receiving the quotes, the comparative statement has been made on the basis of rates offered, mode of delivery, discount offered, warranty period, and after-sale servicing facility. For your ready reference, the complete trail of documents is enclosed herewith.

You are hereby requested to consider the enclosed documents, and finalize the best option so that we may proceed with the processing of the order at our earliest.

Thanking you and with profound regards.

Alan Taylor

Purchase Manager

Request to Boss for Quotations Accept

The Procurement Manager,
ZZZ Trading Company,

Subject: Request for the acceptance of Quotation

Dear Sir,

Refer to our last meeting held in your office to discuss the new project which is to go live from the 1st January. As advised by you, I called most of our existing suppliers, and some new also with good repute in the market. After exploring the market comparison was done based on quality, and pricing, and the attached quotations were picked after the consultation with finance, and operational teams. These are to procure cleaning materials and related machines on an urgent basis.

Please review the quotations, and approve the best as per your expert opinion so that we can give a go-ahead to the contractors to ensure timely management of the materials and equipment on site.

Kind Regards,
Your Name

Request to Boss for Quotations Acceptance

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