Sales Letter For Selling Something To New Customer

Sample sales letter to sale the products, brands of your company, or shop to the customers. This sales letter can be sent on letter head, email, or delivered with the product sample.

Sales Letter for Selling to New Customer

Dear Customer,

We proudly present our new security system “The Door Knock” . This is the best, and the latest security system of our company. It installs beside the main entrance door. First of all it in the shape of the wall light so any person can’t even think about camera in such a place. It has motion detector that alerts you when someone comes near the door. Further it runs on Wi-Fi, and can connect to your smart phone. It also has a small speaker from which you can talk to the person at the door without opening the door. It has been approved by the National Security Council. To order your Door Knock please call on our following numbers.

Warm Regards,

Kanza Khan

Example of Sales Letter (Selling a Product)

Dear customer,
I am writing this letter to you on behalf of Fatima group of industries. It has come to my knowledge that you run a showroom of electric generators. It would be my pleasure to inform you that Fatima industries have been manufacturing electric generators since 1986. It is ISO 9002 certified company. Our generators have been found to be best among their competitors. It can be verified from the all company’s sold item’s data. Our generators have proved to work in very harsh conditions. It doesn’t matter the weather is hot, or cold. Our generators will give you the marked efficiency in all cases. New generators are equipped with variable valve technology too, which results in less consumption of fuel.
Based on the above description, I would like to welcome you to invest in our firm, and place an order for these generators as soon as possible. I would try to get you a discount offer too, based on your order.
Thank you.

Sales Letter for Selling a Product
Sales Letter for Selling a Product

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