Thank You Letter For Meeting in Email

Sample meeting thanks letter to send after the meeting held with all the necessary details (meeting minutes, and notes), tasks to perform, and actions taken for further proceedings.

Thank You Letter for Meeting in Email

Dear Sir,

Refer to our meeting in shanghai expo & thanks a lot for your cooperation’s. You are looking so nice & passionate personality man. Me have so many words about your cooperation but can’t write in one mail.

Hoping it was a nice meeting & brings fruitful results in our future business relationship.



Thank You Letter For Meeting

Ms. Urooj Ahmad
Corporate CD Manager
Fatima Group
Gulberg, Lahore

Subject: Thank You Letter For Meeting

Dear Ms. Urooj Ahmad,

It was a great pleasure to have a meeting for exploring opportunities to work with employees of AHF Group. As discussed we will start from your junior staff in groups of 5 members. We will entertain your junior staff in different departments. I will share the proposed activities later. As for as your senior staff concern, most probably we will engage them in training, and development of staff. Thank you very much again for your time, and meeting.

Warm Regards,

Muhammad Hamza

Thank You Letter For Meeting
Thank You Letter For Meeting

Letter to Thank for Meeting


Subject: Thank you for the meeting

Composition email:


Hope you find this in good health. This mail is me showing extreme gratitude for giving me the honor of meeting with you. I have always admired what you have done with your company, and even after being so successful you are as humble as ever, it was truly a lifetime experience of me, and I will cherish all the little pointers, and life advices you have given me in that thirty minutes meeting. Thank you for making my day sir!



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