Complaint Letter Delivery Delay

Complaint Letter for Delay in Order Delivery Service to online ordering website, local store, pizza, restaurant, hotel, and other suppliers etc.

Letter for Request the New Headphones

Mr. James Anderson,
BT Electronics,
12th Street,
Oklahoma, USA.

Dear Sir,

Hope that you will be good. Last Wednesday I visited your store to buy new headphone of beats with tracking ID 5432 but I came to know that you were out of stock.  You told me that the stock would be there within three days. I have transferred $25 in your account the receipt of which I am sending to you with this letter.

You are requested that please send the brand new headphones of Beats Company, tracking id for item 5432, to my address through your courier service. It will be a great favor for me.

Thank you so much.

Yours Sincerely,


Complaint Letter Delivery Delay

With due respect, it is stated that I want you to know about the delayed delivery of my order. I have ordered the material on 14th, and got reply from your company that I will receive it on 18th of March, but they have delivered that on 27th of March. This all was so much non serious attitude from your side. I’m very disappointed.

Hope in future I will not face such disaster.


Maheen Ahmed

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  1. TO.
    PEM. Azmil co.
    Contract zone2
    Subject.Request for co operation
    This is kind information that about cont zone2 Indoor and outdoor villa matters
    Countity 7 villa and extre 89 indoors. 90 outdoors. Other 75 and 66 with vacuum with Qc
    10% outdoor. 15% indoor
    Test and commotion 10%
    Also note to be that this project some are indoor and outdoor villa we are didn’t response any damages because that job done by other suppliers. But some of villa indoor and outdoor copper pipe punch.gypsum broken we are inproperly done except done by QC.
    This job done very sincerely more then 10 days with heavy technician minimums 7 to 10.also 10 hrs per day one technician paid 160 SR.
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    Please co operation with us and soon need your kind response
    Thanks and best regards
    Mr.Abdullah Ghatani
    General manager
    Fatema al jawai

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    Azmil group
    Subject…helpfully supports
    Her is kind information that my company will be working starting from month of may 2017( Fatima al jaway).my self up to August 2017 already paid employees salary. But still up to now we didn’t getting any payment from your company.lot of loan already getting and support our employees. Now it’s very difficult to pay again employees salary. With out financial supports.
    So please think about it and help us to pay some money to us for continues employees payment salary. It’s very urgent if you’re possibility this weekend before we need some money.already some invoices submitted to financial department. Cooperates with us and best wishes for your kind response.
    Mr. Abdullah munif

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