Letter to the Environment Protection Agency

Sample format of letter that can be send to environment protection agency in your city when you see a environmental law being violated that put people’s health at risk, and make your town a garbage island.

Letter on Environmental Protection


I am writing this letter to acknowledge you about the current situation of solid waste management in our town.

The Waste Management Authority is paying least heed towards the cleanliness of the city. Due to their negligence the town has become a pile of trash. The officials seldom visit our town to check the working of their staff. Their method of operation is totally out dated. Moreover, most of their trucks are out of order. The streets are littered with heaps of domestic garbage. People are so helpless that they have no other choice than to burn the solid waste to get rid of it. Burning such huge amounts of garbage create serious environmental hazards. Burning solid waste creates poisonous toxic gases which are extremely deleterious for the health of people.

Kindly take a strict notice of this grave issue. It is the responsibility of Environmental Protection Agency to assure a clean, and healthy environment for the people. We expect you to raise your voice in our favor. The issue can be solved if your department forwards our complaints to the officials the local government.

Waiting for the issue to get resolved.

Thank you

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