Water Leakage Complaint Letter to Society

Want to complain about water leakage? We are providing you a sample complaint letter inform the society administration, city council, or municipality commission to address the water leakage issue your colony is facing and make citizens’ everyday lives difficult.

Complain Letter for Water Line Leakage

Dear Sir,

Water is leaking from the main water line in our area. Unfortunately, it’s been a long time, and it’s causing many problems. The complaint has been lodged several times before, but it has not been rectified even after two weeks.

On the one hand, a lot of water is being wasted and on the other hand, due to mud and slipperiness on the road, residents, and passers-by are facing many problems. Please fix it immediately without any delay. I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Applicaiton Requesting Repair of Water Supply Pipe Line

Dear Sir,

This is to notify you that the water supply pipeline is leaking in street no. (mention the street name and number here) in front of (mention the house no or prominent building for the convenience of the repairing staff). There is a lot of water in the street.

I request you to fix the pipeline quickly. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Sample Letter for Water Leakage


The members of the council

With due respect, it is stated that I am a resident of your colony, and my flat number is ABC. Due to some reasons, I was out of town for the last three weeks, and now after coming back, I was shocked to see that all the paint from the walls of my living room is peeling off.

When I seek help from a plumber, he told me that there is water leakage in the ceiling, making all the walls damp and moldy.

After that, I contacted my neighbor and asked her if there is anything wrong with her walls too, and she told me that she is also having trouble with the same thing, she even wrote to the management department, but nobody took notice.

So now I request you to please send someone to inspect this condition and mend the leaking spots, making us very uncomfortable.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best regards,


Water Leakage Complaint Letter


On behalf of all the members of this society, I am writing this letter to you to complain about the current issue of water leakage from the underground pipeline of this society.

Sir, it has been two days now, the water is seeping through the sewage system. The Water disposal system of this society has now become old and outdated. It is no more able to dispose of the rainwater efficiently. We have been facing this issue of water leakage for the last six months. Now, it is time to find a permanent solution to this problem.

This is a serious issue, and it cannot linger anymore. The planning and maintenance department must seek a long-lasting solution. Therefore, please repair the underground pipelines, and install new man-holes where necessary.

Kindly take immediate note of our complaint.

Thank you

Water Leakage Complaint Letter to Society

To: Landowner of Green Society

I am writing this letter to complain about water leakage in my home. The roof has started leaking in some areas of the house, and the drainage pipes have been leaking.

I request that you address these issues as soon as possible, as it is a hazard to my family’s health, and it may lead to further problems in the house down the road.


John Decker

Application Letter for Repair of Pipe Leakage in the street

To: Summerside County
Washington DC, United States

I am writing to complain of a pipe leakage on 34 Street in Summerside County. This pipe has been leaking for many weeks, and it has become a major issue. The water pressure in my home has decreased significantly. I have contacted my neighbors, and they are facing the same issue. Moreover, the leaky pipe is causing some minor flooding in the area, and it is unsafe to walk through.

I request the county that this pipe be repaired immediately.

Harold Yvette
Washington DC, United States

Water Leakage Complaint Letter to Society

Dear president society,

I am sending this letter to file a complaint regarding the water leakage from the tank beside the park. The leaking water collects in the park’s ground, making it inaccessible for the children and the adults. In addition to this, the layer of algae has also started to form on the water’s surface, which attracts insects risking the health of the people nearby. Lastly, the pressure of water in taps in our homes has also reduced so please look into this matter as soon as possible, so this inconvenience is over. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor


Complaint Against Leakage of Main Water Supply Near Our Home


The Secretary,

ABC Housing Society

Manhattan, USA

Dear Sir,

It is to bring to your notice that I have observed the leakage of the main water pipeline near my house situated at the location ________. I observed this problem yesterday evening on (date) when the ground surface was just wet, and I informed the duty officer on the phone about this issue, but I think it went useless. Today nobody was available on complaint registration, so I am writing this to you. By this time, the case is totally different because water is spreading at a much higher speed. The ground is converted into a small water pool, and its size is continuously increasing. Would you please take immediate action to stop this problem? Otherwise, this will lead to serious consequences in terms of finance and the performance of society.

Please consider this an emergency, and issue orders to the concerned officials to take immediate action against this complaint.

Thank you

George White

XYZ Town, ABC Housing Scheme,

Manhattan, USA

Complain Letter for Water Line Leakage

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