Complaint Letter for Bad Delivery Service

Format of sending a complaint letter to delivery service company telling them how you ordered a few items days ago, and still has not recieved, and if recieved it was either too late, or wrong products,

Sample Complaint Letter for Poor Delivery Service

 To the Lahore Delivery Service,

Hello Manager,

I sent this letter to file a complaint regarding the poor delivery service. Last week, we ordered for a delivery service from your agency for the items which were to be delivered from Sargodha to Lahore. While placing the order, I made sure to mention that the items are needed within 3 days, and some of boxes contains electronic devices in them so special care must be taken while handling them.

However, we received the order 7 days, and even during this time, I made nearly 20 calls to inquire about the progress. In addition to this, when we received the items, two of the electronic devices were broken, and when I asked about this from the delivery man, he told me that no one informed him that the boxes contain breakable items. To say I am disappointed would be understatement. It has been nearly 2 years since we use your delivery service, and there have been issues before too with the late delivery but this is the first time that the items delivered were damaged even though I made sure that the person taking the order knew that they are breakable.

I have attached the confirmation slip with this letter, and I request you to look into the matter, and let me know the reason behind this. You may contact me for further confirmation.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor

Manager High Tech Communication

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