Sample Letter of Complaint against Husband & In-laws for Torture, Domestic Violence

Want to register a complaint against your husband? Samples of complaint letter to police against your husband and his family for torturing, domestic violence, misbehavior, beating, abusing, physical harassment to get relief for further stay at home.

Complaint Letter for Torture, Violence Against Husband

Dear Sir,

I want to report an FIR after being tortured by my husband (name of husband) today at (time and date). He started beating me after a (clash, hard talk, you can mention the reason here if you want). He abused my family and me and broken my right/left arm with a steel rod. In short, he wanted to kill me, and lastly, he threatened that If I complained to anyone, he might hang me.

I request you to please help for the safety of my life and register an immediate FIR against my husband. I will also submit a medical report after a checkup in the hospital.


Your Name

Application Letter of Complaint against Husband to Police

Dear Mr. Brian

I am writing to you because I would like to make a formal complaint against my husband. As a wife, I carry out all the responsibilities that I should. However, I did not expect my husband to become the man that he is today. He goes out to work, and he comes back very late at night without phoning to tell me he will be home late, and when he is home, he is always fighting with me. It’s like he hates me, and I don’t know what I have done.

I’m scared that if he continues on this path, he will become violent with me, and I won’t accept that from anyone. He needs to help if he wants to make this relationship work. Please help him, and take the necessary action.

Yours sincerely

Mrs. Brian

Complaint Letter against Husband

The Inspector,

Dear Sir,
I am writing this letter in a regrettable and hard situation. I have been through a lot in my life, but this is something I wish no one would ever go through. I have been married to an animal of a man for the past three years. After my first miscarriage, I was blamed for the happening by his family, and instead of supporting me, he isolated me.

Since the miscarriage, he has been beating me frequently. Sometimes with a baseball bat, and sometimes with a lamp, anything he can find, he starts beating me with it. I tried going to the court, but since I am an orphan, and have no family, I couldn’t bear the public embarrassment; that is why I am seeking your help.

Kindly register a complaint against my husband for domestic abuse, and punish him accordingly. I hope you will find my situation and my matter concerning.

Thanking you,

Letter of Complaint against Husband

The Superintendent of Police,
White Bridge Police Station

Dear Sir,

I, Mrs. Robert, resident of White Bridge road, want you to write my complaint against my husband, Mr. Robert. We are married since (Date), and we have one child. He was nice and good to me at first, but he is changed and annoying us a lot since we have a child. I do not understand why he is doing this? His behavior and attitude are different now; he is like an animal. He is not paying attention at home or to us. He is not showing that he does care or has any responsibility for a family.

Now he beats me so badly most of the time, and he does not support us financially. He wounds me. I cannot feed our kids alone. I request you to please notice my written complaint and take serious action on it.

Mrs. Robert

Complaint Letter for Torture, Violence Against Husband

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  1. complaint against my husband mr nabam tado for not providing basic maintence of two childrens since three years and mentally abusing me in such case how to write complaint letter.

  2. मेरा पति मुझे रोज रात को शराब पीने के बाद मेरे साथ गली गलौच करता हैं तथा मेरे मायके वालों को भी बहुत गंदी गंदी गालियां देते हैं वो भी मेरे बच्चो ओर अपनी माँ भाई के आगे मुझे रात को कई बार दारू पीने के बाद आधी रात को घर से निकाल देता हैं मेरे सोना बेच कर कहा गया मैंने कुछ जेवर अपनी माँ के घर दे रखे हैं कि मेरे पास कुछ बच जय पर वो भी लेकर आने को कहता हैं और मुझे मानसिक रूप से ओर मार कर मुझे जेवर लाने पर मजबूर कर रहा ह में क्या करूँ।हमारी शादी को 15 साल हो गए हैं अब मुझसे बर्दास्त नही होता ये सब

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your problem. Please consult with honorable of the families to resolve the matters and the last and legal option is always there to help you. It is better to be nicer to your husband and give him more respect, so he may get kind to you. Thank you again.

  3. How to write letter to DGP , to give complaint against my husband, who got second marriage and he leave me alone with my three children since 1996. Actually, my husband is a police man.

  4. My husband ran away from home and he is selling our house without my notice. I want to file a complaint against him. How do I write it

    1. Please contact him directly or by the honorable of the family because court procedures are not easy. In case of denial, you can approach the local union council office. They will help you resolve the matter.

  5. Complaint against my husband who’s govt teacher .after delivered a baby girl his behavior changed. I’m living in my mother’s house with my baby till last July 2018 he never contact me

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