Warning Letter for Teacher Poor Class Control

Warning letter to teacher for misbehavior. Warning letter to teacher for poor performance. Sample warning letter to teacher for corporal punishment.

Warning Letter to Teacher for Negligence of Duty

Dear Ms. Rosey,

Despite numerous warnings, you can not improve your class control in school. Now again we received a complaint against your poor performance. This is the final warning, and in case of further complaints, we have to terminate you. You are advised to learn about teaching methods, controlling class, and other tips to improve your performance. Thank you

Sincerely Yours,

Your name

Warning Letter for Teacher Poor Class Control


Dear Mr. Umer,

It is hereby brought to your notice that after considering your class control having poor performance, and giving you all the facilities that you require, I am giving you the last chance that I can. Kindly keep that in mind that such irresponsible and unprofessional behavior will result in the discontinuation of your job, for which I have to “FIRE” you.


Abdullah Aslam
WASA College, Lahore

Warning Letter for Teacher Poor Class Control

Mr. XYZ.
Dear Senior Teacher,
The school management has noticed a few flaws in your teaching methodology that prove to be fatal to the school’s reputation. As the delegation came in for their visit yesterday and visited your class, they came right to my doorstep for a highly unacceptable complaint.

The complaint came from your classroom telling me how much wild and obnoxious behavior your students portrayed. This is the second time I have received a complaint from your classroom, and consider this letter a warning.

Being a teacher comes with many responsibilities, and most importantly is controlling the classroom you teach and maintaining its decorum whilst focusing on academics, respectively. To my knowledge, you’re clearly unable to do that.

I suggest you kindly reform your teaching methodology and gain complete control over your classroom. Moreover, I hope that I won’t receive any complaint of such magnitude from your end.

Best Regards,
XYZ School System

Warning Letter for Teacher Poor Class Control

The Principal,
Punjab Group of College.

Mr. Riaz Khan,
Mathematics Teacher.


This is to inform you that I have received a complaint from our Teaching Supervisor that your class control is poor. During your class, the students make a lot of noise, and they move freely in the classroom even when the lecture is on.

We have no concerns about your teaching skills, and your grip on the subject is perfect. However, better class control helps the teacher convey the knowledge more efficiently, and ultimately the overall class results also go high.

Kindly look into the matter, and reconsider your strategy in the class to deliver the best to our students to keep the institution’s graph high as ever.

Thanks indeed for your understanding.

Sincerely Yours,

Mohammad Eesa,

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