Complaint Letter About Delivery Services

Want to write complaint letters, or warning letters to send to sellers/delivery services when they send/deliver a product that is expired/used/faulty/broken/different than what you ordered, and tell them to replace it as soon as possible. Complaint Letter About Wrong Delivery Dear Sir, I bought a suite from your website for a family function at home. … Continue reading “Complaint Letter About Delivery Services”

Warning Letter for Tenant

Format of giving a warning letter to the tenants who are causing disruption in the society, and not living as peacefully as you would have expected them to be. So this template will give you an idea on what to write, and how to write it. Warning Letter to Tenant for Illegally Living Dear tenants, … Continue reading “Warning Letter for Tenant”

Complaint Letter for Over Billing

Format of complaint, and warning letters to storekeepers whose accountant overcharge their customers. Departmental stores who also serve their customer with these high prices can also be served with these complaint letters. Complaint Letter To Service Provider To, The manager, Global store Respected sir, I am writing this letter to inform you that I bought … Continue reading “Complaint Letter for Over Billing”

Complaint Letter To Dry Cleaners 

Format Of  Complaint Letter, or Warning Letter For Providing Incompetent Service To The Owners Warning Letter To Dry Cleaners To, The Manager, Fine laundry Respected sir, I am writing this letter to you to make a complaint regarding my clothes which I sent last week. I am your old, and loyal customer, and I never … Continue reading “Complaint Letter To Dry Cleaners “

Warning Letter to Teacher for Late Coming

Sample Warning Letter to Teacher for late coming, absence, or negligence. Warning letter to teacher for poor performance, and coming late regularly. Warning Letter to Teacher for Late Coming Attn. Teacher, We have noticed that you are coming late for a long time. As we know you are a good teacher but we do not understand why you are not at … Continue reading “Warning Letter to Teacher for Late Coming”

Warning Letter for Teacher Poor Class Control

Warning letter to teacher for misbehavior. Warning letter to teacher for poor performance. Sample warning letter to teacher for corporal punishment. Warning Letter to Teacher for Negligence of Duty Dear Ms. Rosey, Despite numerous warnings, you can not improve your class control in school. Now again we received a complaint against your poor performance. This … Continue reading “Warning Letter for Teacher Poor Class Control”

Warning Letter Format for not Submitting Report

Sample warning letter for not sending report to government department within due date. Email to warn companies for not submitting their reports. Letter to Ask for Missing Reports/Papers/Documents Dear Sir, While checking monthly reports, I found that May, June, and July (year) reports(you can write papers/documents, etc.) are missing. Therefore I request you to please submit the … Continue reading “Warning Letter Format for not Submitting Report”

Show Cause Notice Sample for Employees

Sample show cause notice to employee due to mismanagement, commission, wrong report, miss commitment, etc. Sample Show Cause Notice for Employees: [Company Name and Logo] Show Cause Notice To: [Employee Name] Department: [Department Name] Date: [Date] Subject: Show Cause Notice Dear [Employee Name], It has come to our attention that you have been displaying behavior … Continue reading “Show Cause Notice Sample for Employees”

Warning Letter to Students For Absence, Performance, Misbehavior

Do you want to issue a warning letter to students? Sample warning letters for students from the school principal, or teacher to warn them about absents, misbehavior, misconduct, poor performance, cheating, poor attendance, plagiarism, indiscipline behavior, late coming, misbehavior, etc bad attitude are published below. You can customize as per your needs. Warning Letter to … Continue reading “Warning Letter to Students For Absence, Performance, Misbehavior”

Warning Letter for Performance Improvement

Sample letter to complaint the employee for his/her poor performance, behaviour, bad manners, and dirty cloths, and shoes etc. Letter for Performance Improvement Rose Petal & Co. Ltd., Lahore, Pakistan, Respected Employee, It is to inform you that your current performance is not satisfactory at all due to whatever circumstances you are facing. The company … Continue reading “Warning Letter for Performance Improvement”

Warning Letter to Transporter from School

A warning letter sent from the school to the transportation company warning them of the careless behavior which is going on by the drivers for last few days. Warning Letter to Transport Contractor Respected Transport Company Manager, It is to inform you that i am writing you on behalf of Allied School System. We are … Continue reading “Warning Letter to Transporter from School”

Employee Warning Letter Sample for Employers

Employee Warning Letter Sample for final warning with poor performance, or performance warning letter for employee to send notice. Warning Letter Sample for Attendance/Lateness/Absenteeism. Warning Letter to Employee Negligence of Duty London Rescue Service, England, United Kingdom. Mr. William Golding, Assistant Manager Operations. It was reported by your concerned Station In-charge that you had committed an offence … Continue reading “Employee Warning Letter Sample for Employers”