Letter to Apply For Air Condition Contract

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Letter to Apply For Air Condition Contract

Dear the air conditioning company,

I am writing to you to discuss the possibility of an air conditioning contract. I would like to get an air conditioner for my all of home for my family. This would be for a temporary period of six months during the spring, and summer when it is most hot. This house is a five bedroom home with two large living rooms, and one kitchen, and conservatory. These are the rooms that I would like the air conditioner.

As you can imagine with the size if my home that I can afford to pay the fee monthly payments, or if you would prefer u can pay two installments half, and half.

Kind regards,


Letter Applying for Air Condition Contract

Company name

Services: Care Taking Of Air Conditions, and Vents of the Company

Respected HR manager!

I have seen the tender notice you offer in the magazine yesterday regarding a mechanics company for the maintenance of air conditions, and vents in your company. I have a vast experience in the field of mechanics. I have a diploma in technical educations, and I have been running my own service station for the past five years. I was also the maintenance head at Toyota headquarters, and my service station was the one that installed all the air conditions, and vents in that building.

They are now changing their whole set up, and moving from that building which gave me some time to make a deal with another company. If you found my letter worthy of your attention I have mentioned my number below. Hope to hear from you soon.

Cell no.

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