Sample Farewell Speech for Graduating Students

Are you searching for a farewell speech for graduating students? We are providing you with a variety of farewell speeches on this page. Farewell speech to the school students and teacher from which a student has just passed out will all the class fellows in the presence of the Vice Chancellor, Chancellor, Dean, Director, Head of Department, principal, and headmaster.

Farewell Speech for Graduating Students

My name is Colley. My respected teacher, my dear parents, and my loving friends. I have studied at Winterfell School of Law for the last four years. Well, I must say that my stay at this school has been very extraordinary. Firstly, the faculty of this school is very generous and well-educated. The teachers were very kind and taught us well throughout their time. This fine young gentleman standing right in front of you has been able to make it this far due to the collective efforts of such great teachers. Secondly, the administration of this institute is remarkably known for its good performance.

You will be glad to hear that this quotation is 100% true. I never had to face any problem regarding that throughout my life. This old and traditional institute has given me a lot. It has trained me to become a veteran in the field of law. I owe my teachers each and everything I have learned and gained. I must say that I am very thankful to this prestigious institute for giving me such a good time and making me a good and extraordinary gentleman. I wish all my friends the best of luck for their future. Finally, I would like to thank my parents, whose prayers I can seek such a high place in my field.

Farewell Speech for Students by Teachers

Dear students, it is the last day of your university life. A world waits for you with its beauty. Now you are on your own. You have to earn for yourself. I want to advise you to be a good person. You have the ability to change the world. Now you will observe the toughness of life and its struggles, but don’t be afraid. You are the one who possesses the power to change the world. And when you are at the highest rank of your career, you will forget what you have suffered in the past. Always remember that a diamond can only be made out of coal when it survives all the pressure and heat in its life.

How to Write Speech for a Graduation Party


Good evening everyone. So finally, the time has come. We are graduated now. It’s been a wonderful time in this institute. Time flies. I remember my first day; I was nervous and scared, but honestly, this place has given me a lot of confidence, and this place has given me a new me. From the first semester, I have been with great friends and teachers who have always guided me, and today I am standing in front of you as a complete person. I am very thankful to this place for giving me what I deserved. I have always seen my teachers working hard for us and found everyone here so cooperative. I have seen ups and downs here. But I believe they have played an important role in my grooming and making me a self-made person. I want to give all the credit to this institute. Last but not least, I would like to thank my parents, who were always by my side in very hard times. They are my inspiration. Without them, I am nothing. They have played a significant role in my life, I would like to dedicate my degree to my parents, and I wish all the best of luck to my batch mates and juniors. Stay happy. Thanks.

Sample Farewell Speech for Graduating Students
Sample Farewell Speech for Graduating Students

Farewell Speech for Graduating Students from a Student

Hey there everyone,

It’s such an important day for every single person from our batch. It’s been very obvious that we have been enjoying and cherishing every single moment out there in this institution. So, we have been very sentimental regarding our beloved institution, too.

It had never compromised in making us sharp and shine. So farewell speech is a perfect moment to thank our faculty for always remaining by our side.

Through this entire long journey that I’ve spent in this institution, I’d like to thank (Let teacher, 8) for always making me feel that I can get through to everyone I want. That respected person has always made me believe that I can get through every difficult moment in my life, and from such moments when I have been trodden in the dirt or difficulties, I can rise and thrive.

Without all of such lovable and admiring personalities, my journey would not have definitely been possible so far. I wholeheartedly thank every single teacher who helped me rise and let me be who I am.

Thank you.

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