Sick Leave for Corona Virus Disease, Infection, or Symptoms

Sick leave application to the employer to get paid leaves due to coronavirus infection. Many countries implemented rules for paid sick leave for coronavirus disease ( COVID-19), and many working on it. You can analyze your company whether they allow paid leave for coronavirus or not.

Leave Application for Covid 19 Virus and Quarantine

Dear Sir,

I have not been feeling well for a few days, and now I have tested positive for the coronavirus. I want quarantine for at least 14 days as per SOPs by the government. Please accept my leave for two weeks from (date to date) so that I can keep myself separate for my own safety and the safety of others. I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Paid Sick Leave for Corona Virus Infection

Dear Sir,

I am Cook, writing for sick leave as I am diagnosed with a coronavirus infection yesterday at my DH Hospital. I wish to recover myself soon, but it is necessary to stay away from other people for their protection. Keeping in view my sickness, I request you to please allow paid sick leave till my recovery.



Sick Leave Application for Corona Virus Disease

Dear Sir,

I have been affected and diagnosed with COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease Symptoms). I have been admitted to hospital and being observed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for the last two days.

I request you to please accept my sick leave till recovery.

Further to this, I think I got this virus from the working environment. Please advise all the staff for their immediate checkup.

Thank you,


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