Advance Salary Application Form Format

Advance Salary Application Form Format is below. This Advance Salary form can be customized, and changed as per your needs.

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Date: _________

The Departmental Head
Company Name

Subject: Application for Advance Salary

Dear Sir / Madam,
I will be grateful to you if you will please advance Rs. ________ to me from my salary of the month of _____________. Please deduct a sum of Rs. _________ from my salary of the scheduled month as I have already taken it in advance.

Thank you.

Signatures: _____________

Advance Approval Section

Name: ________________
Department: ______________
Designation: ______________
Place of duty: _____________

The Advance recommended / not recommended.

Signatures of Departmental Head: __________

Date: ________

Advance Sanctioned / not sanctioned.

Executive Director ________

Date: _______

advance salary application form Format
advance salary application form Format

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