Application to Bank Manager to Open Bank Account of Daughter

Sample application letter to branch manager for opening bank account of your daughter, minor daughter, orphan daughter, or adopted daughter etc.

Application to Open Bank Account of Daughter

Mr. Ward

Bank Manager

Barclays UK

Sir, my name is Johnston Lingard, and I have been using the services of your bank for the last 5 years, and I am fully satisfied with the work performance. This is the main reason why I decided to expand my relationship with your bank. Therefore I would like to request you to open a bank account for my daughter Sarrah. I fully trust your bank, and I hope the services would be the same for her as well. Thank you for the work your bank has done by means of services. Thank you.

Johnston Lingard

Fulham Road

London, UK

Letter to Open Bank Account of Daughter

The Business Manager

Muslim Commercial Bank,

Gulberg III Lahore 1323

Subject: Application to bank manager to open an account of a daughter

Dear Sir,

I Usman Ghani , MCB Business Account holder no. 1323565467987867 is writing to you for opening the student current affiliate account in your branch for her personal savings. Kindly proceed with the application. All required documents, and checklist is attached. I shall be very thankful to you for your kind proceedings.

Thank you

Usman Ghani

Account holder no. 1323565467987867

Application to Bank Manager to Open an Account of a Daughter


The Manager

Wayn Dyer

Standard Chartered Bank

London, U.K

Dear Mr. Wayn

This is Mrs. Molly from 6th street London. I am an account holder in this bank for several years. My bank statement has always been excellent. I find your bank great, and the staff is very professional. Looking at such professional environment, I request you to open account of my daughter in your esteemed bank. This will help her in many ways, and you would also get benefit out of it, because she has promising business. I am sure you will consider this application as soon as possible.

Waiting for your call

Best Regards

Mrs. Molly

Application to Open Bank Account of Daughter
Application to Open Bank Account of Daughter

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