Application for Purchase of Computer

Format of sample letter to purchase computer for school computer lab, workplace, office as the previous one have been damaged, and the work needs to be done which is impossible without computers .

Letter for Purchase of Computer

HR Dept.,
Lahore Grammar School,
Head Office, Lahore.

Dear Sir,

Attached is the demand for the purchase of 30 new computers (desktops P-4 , Dell, Intel processor, core duo-2) for the new computer lab, Entitled Sir Charles Babbage Lab, (Lahore Grammar School, G-1 branch). The purchase need to be made well in time because the following moth inauguration of this lab is scheduled by Principal, who’s Chief guest is Respected Mr Shahid Affridi.

Further, more later networking, and lab equipment settlement is pending also. So, kindly sanction the demand made so smooth functioning can take place. Delays will cause resentment to school authorities. Hr Department quickest response is awaited.

With Regards

Mr Mikaal Hasan
I.T. Dept.

Application for Purchase of Computers

 Respected Manager,

A fight which happened, last week, between clerks in the IT Department, resulted in falling of two desks along with computers. Both of the computers were sent to the repairing department but one of them was damaged beyond any repairing.

A letter of warning has been sent out to both clerks, and they have also been fined. Also, the cost of damaged computers will be cut from their salary of this month. However, at the moment there are no spare computers which can be used as an alternative so we need to purchase computers to replace the damaged ones along with some extra ones so that we have an immediate alternative for any damaged computer in the future.

I have attached the data of the number of computers present along with the requirement. In addition to this, another slip is also attached which contains the required amount for the purchase of computers with required software. You may contact me for any further details, or queries. I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards;

Ali Noor

Head of IT Department

23rd September (Date)


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