Application For Lost ATM Card For Bank

An application letter to bank manager to inform about the lost ATM card, Visa Card, Master Card, Credit Card to bank in order to cease all the transactions from lost card.

Application Letter For Lost ATM Card For Bank


Pennsylvania, United States

Dear Manager,

This application is to inform a lost ATM card. I have lost my ATM card somewhere in boarding to a flight. i request the bank to block any such transaction been initiated on my ATM card. I have also filled an application to the police station for such lost card. I also want to request the bank to issue a new ATM card. I acknowledge that its fees can be deducted directly from my account.

Sincerely yours,

Babar Ali

Request Letter for ATM Card

The Branch Manager,
Habib Bank Limited

Subject: Issuance of ATM card for account number

Dear Sir,
Please be informed that two weeks ago on 5th August, (Date) I had opened a savings bank account number 0033-123456789 at your branch. My account name is Umar Shahzad. My contact number is 0300-1234567, and my residential address is A-Block, Commercial Area, DHA, Phase 1, Lahore. Kindly issue me my ATM card.

Your assistance in this regard will be highly appreciated.


Signature: ______________

Umar Shahzad.

Application for ATM


Dubai, UAE

Respected manager

It is stated I am account holder in your bank from last two year. But sir I have lost my ATM card few days before, so I want to request for a new one. I have an urgent need of atm card this time, so sir kindly issue me new atm card as soon as possible. I shall be thankful to you.



Sample Application for Lost ATM Card

Barclays Bank,

London, United Kingdom

Respected Bank Manager,
I want to say that my name is Allen Hay. Yesterday it happened that I lost my ATM card somewhere in evening. I have searched everywhere but I am unable to find it. Respected sir, as you know that it is VISA GOLD card so at any shopping center anyone can charge it for whatsoever amount of money he, or she wants. There is a huge amount of money in my account, and a prompt action is required to stop all the transactions made from my account using that ATM card. Its serial number is 9088 1343 3532. You are requested to block, and immediately terminate all the transactions which are to be made from this card.
I hope that you will keep my request under your kind consideration, and will promptly react to my request. I shall be thankful to you for this kind favor. Thanking you in advance.
Yours Truly,

Allen Hay

Application Requesting ATM Card from Bank Manager

The Branch Manager,
Askari Bank.

Subject: Request for ATM Card

Dear Sir,
I am Raynah Qasim, CNIC 3502-1234567-8. I’ve recently opened a savings account at your bank branch on 12th August, (Date). My account number is 0033-999999999. Please issue an ATM card for my account. Enclosed with this letter is a copy of my CNIC.  Kindly activate my mobile phone services with ATM, and deliver the card at the above mentioned address.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Ms. Raynah Mir

Application for Lost ATM Card for Bank


New York, United States

To the Bank Manager

Dear Sir it is intimated that I am holder of bank account having No.563786547673 in your branch. ATM Card facility was also provided to me against my above mentioned account. It required to be brought into your notice that a few days ago I lost my ATM Card having Code No.13458754534445  in the Commercial Market somewhere, and after thorough search could not find it out. Due to loss of my ATM Card I am facing difficulties in my daily routine, and therefore want its replacement. It is therefore requested that a new ATM Card may please be issued to me. An early action is requested please.

Thanking you in anticipation



Letter to Bank for Issuance of ATM Card


Branch manager

Bank Al-Habib Ltd.


SUBJECT: Application for lost ATM card, Bank Al-Habib

Dear Sir,

The services delivered by the branch have been satisfactory, and no problems, or delays have been faced by me against any service. In the past week, I was going for a meeting at PSO office, Mall Road, Lahore;, and unfortunately I misplaced my wallet somewhere outside the office. In my wallet I had my money, ID card, and my ATM card of the respective bank. I have complained regarding the loss of my cards as they are sensitive as according to the current situations of the society. The police cooperated with me with respect. I Request the branch to take into account, that I lost my ATM card, and provide a provisional allowance, or another card so that I am able to utilize the services, and continue my transactions from the bank. It is important as my business is running at a pace, and i have to travel between cities to continue my job. Awaiting for your Response!

Yours Faithfully,


Id 12345678

ATM Card Request to Bank Manager


The manager, JS bank, LA

Respected sir,

With all my due respect I would like to tell you that I have lost my wallet in the bus last week, there was my ID card, ATM card along with some cash. I request you to issue me a new ATM card on urgent basis as my job are related to travelling, and I cannot carry cash with me at least after this unfortunate incident. I need it on urgent basis so a quick response would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.


MR. Mark John, LA

Letter to Inform Bank For Lost ATM Card, or Credit Card For Bank
Letter to Inform Bank For Lost ATM Card, or Credit Card For Bank

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