Application for Tube Light Replacement

Sample application from students for change of tube lights in, office, factory, school, class rooms, hostel, boarding facility, or somewhere else you want.

Application for Tube Light Replacement

Head Administration Department
University of Houston
Texas, USA

Sir, I am Kevin Brandon, and I am student at your prestigious university. I am also living in the dormitories provided by the university. I am very pleased with the neatness, and cleanliness of the dorms. I was studying in my room yesterday, and suddenly the light went out. I turned on the emergency light, and looked for the fuse only to find out that the tube light has been burnt out. The light in my room is very low now, and it is very hard to study with that. Therefore, I request you to please send an electrician to get that tube light replaced. Thank you

Kevin Brandon

Application Letter for Tube Light Replacement

Dear Sir,

This letter is to request tube light replacement in our class. As due to completion of their life span tube lights of our class are not well light. It is hard to work in the room not well light, and also effects the eyesight of the students. So we all request to change the tube lights of our class as soon as possible in order to maintain the health, and work of our class.



Application for Tube Light Replacement from Student

The superintendent

Dear Sir,

With due respect, it is requested that I need a replacement of tube light in my room. I am a boarding student in your hostel (room # 12345). I have been facing this problem for over three days now.

The tube light randomly turns off, flickers at times, and sometimes does not turn on for many minutes. Due to this I am unable to perform any thing productive. It is also causing a delay in my studies.

It is therefore requested that an immediate replacement be arranged so I can continue with my routine normally.

Thank you very much for this favor.



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