Request Letter to Reopen Bank Account

Sample application letter to branch manager to reopen personal bank account, or business, and company bank account in UK, USA, India, Pakistan, and Australia etc.

Application to Activate Old Bank Account

Mr. David
Branch Manager
United American Bank
Washington D.C.

Subject: Re Open my Bank Account

Dear Mr. David

It is stated that I am a resident of Washington D.C., and I had opened an account in your bank under residential policy for the locals of Washington.  I had to shift to Florida because of the transfer of my wife. She had to change her work place, and I had no choice to go with her. Now we have been divorced, and I have come back to Washington. I have got the post by which I came to know that my bank account has been deactivated because of non-payment of Debit-Card charges.

I request you via this letter kindly re-activate my account as soon as possible so that I can be able to manage my expenses.

I shall be grateful to you for this.


Cater Bishop

Reopen Bank Account Application

The manager Bank Al Habib

Respected sir,

It is to inform you that I, Mr. Ali Khan wanted to reopen my bank account. I closed my account because of some financial issues, as now the matter is resolved, and I would like to get my previous account back. I have submitted the required documents at your main branch. I would appreciate if you consider my request, and take action as soon as possible as I am running out of time, and have to manage my financial matters.


Mr. Ali Khan

Reopen My Bank Account Application Letter

To Branch Manager

I am M. Ghafoor S/O Mr. Khan writing to reopen my bank account in your branch. I transferred to Mumbai by my company, and my account in Delhi was deactivated due to no transactions since long. Now I am again appointed back in Delhi, and want to use my old bank account because I have new cheque book, and ATM card against that account. Yesterday I came to deposit some cash in my account, and the branch representative tell me that my account is deactivated due to no transactions. I request you to please activate/reopen my account no “01206027790717” with title M. Ghafoor as soon as possible. I will visit your branch on coming Monday, and fulfill any form, or provided document you may require to reopen my old bank account. Copy of my NIC is enclosed as a reference. Thanking you,
M. Ghafoor Khan

New Delhi

Request to Reopen My Bank Account Letter

Dear Branch Manager,

This letter is to request a reopen of account. I had a current account in your bank last year which I had closed due to having no excessive cash, and zero balance. But now I need an account in which my monthly salary would be credited. So in order to save time, and all the procedures of opening a new account  I request to reopen the account I had in your bank last year. This would decrease the extent of documentation as bank already has the copy of all of my documents. I hope my application would be considered for its approval.

Title Name:

Sincerely Yours,


Request for Reopen Bank Account

The Manager Bank

It is respectfully stated that I am a bank account holder in your branch. My bank account number is 42534376786545 which have present status as inactive as there has not been any transaction since last one year. I want to bring in your kind knowledge that I had to go overseas to complete my studies, and due to no transaction could be made against my account. Now I have returned back, and want to activate my account. Keeping above in view it is respected that my above mentioned bank account may please be reopened so that I can perform bank transactions again. An early action is solicited please.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Application to Activate Old Bank Account
Application to Activate Old Bank Account

Request Letter to Reopen Bank Account

Mr. Steven Smith
Public Relations Officer,
American Bank Pvt. Ltd,
Washington D.C.

Hope so you will be good. Mr. Smith I had opened a business account in your bank 5 years back from the date. But I didn’t have transections from the last 2 years as I had shifted my business to California, and the bank account was not properly used therefore according to bank policy my account was blocked.

Now I have come back to D.C., and my clients from D.C. want me to have a bank account here. So I thought to reopen my previous account. My previous bank account number was 1237-BK-635-363, and my credit card number was 7654-9842-76. You are requested to reopen my bank account so that I can have my business transactions through your bank.

It will be a favor for me on your part.

Yours Sincerely,


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