School Leaving Certificate Format for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

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School Leaving Certificate for Students

Office of The Principal
The Response Public High School

It is certified by this office that Mr./ Ms. (Name of Student) S/D/O (Name of Parent) Domicile No. 31X02-VSGG563-1 has been enrolled in this school in Class 10th of (Date), under registration no. XCSXE16. She has been found abiding by the school’s rules and regulations and performed well in his academic and co-curricular activities at this school.

This school accepts her reason for leaving the school and recommends her admission to any academic institution in the same grade.



The school leaving certificates are required by the schools where you are going for your next admission to continue your studies from the same grades and dates. We are wishing you the best if you are changing your school for any reason.

Normally school changes for multiple reasons like transfer of parents job, transfer of the home, transfer to any other city, transfer to a better school, transfer of school for financial reasons, etc. There are many other reasons students change their schools, colleges, or universities. You can tell us your reason for changing school.

This school leaving certificate is normally printed on the school letterheads. In some cases, schools are bound to issue school leaving certificates.

For issuance of your school leaving certificate, multiple applications are available at this link.

School Leaving Certificate Format for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

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