Application Letter Requesting for Construction of Rain Water Harvesting Tanks

We are adding a short note on rainwater harvesting methods with importance and advantages. We will add an example letter to request rainwater harvesting tanks. At last, we will also add request letters for approval of rainwater harvesting tanks installation and construction.

Rainwater harvesting refers to collecting and storing rainwater from rooftops, roads, gardens, or open places for reuse. Stored rainwater can be used for multi-purposes we will be discussing here.

Importance and Advantages of Rain Water Harvesting Tanks

Using rainwater can ease your life in many ways while being much more beneficial for the greener environment. Rainwater is mostly used for gardening, washing, cleaning, and many other purposes. This is super beneficial if you have a water shortage or no water supply, and best to replace salty water.

Rainwater can be environmentally friendly when you are using it regularly. It saves lots of your resources in terms of bills, electricity, gas, and many other hurdles while using underground water, regular water, or in case of water shortages.

Rain Water Harvesting Methods

You can use various methods for rainwater storage, including the following:

  1. Plastic Tanks: (You can use larger plastic tanks on the surface as well as underground)
  2. Underground Water Tanks: (You can construct concrete tanks or use the plastic tank. Please consult with local engineers)
  3. Rooftop Water Tanks: (You can also make rooftop tanks and use the water for domestic needs)
  4. Waterproof Concrete Water Storage Tanks: ( Waterproof concrete tanks are now becoming an easy solution with long life.)
  5. Ponds (Water Storage ponds with a plastic base can also be a good solution)
  6. Water Storage Bags: (Bags with larger capacity available for water storage. You can also consider this option for your needs)
  7. Recharge Structures: You can recharge groundwater to save natural water levels.

Application Letter Requesting for Construction of Rain Water Harvesting Tanks

Subject: Request for Approval of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

Dear Sir,

I would like to request you to construct rainwater storage tanks immediately. Because in our region there is abundant rainwater due to heavy rains. So if we construct a water tank, we will have a lot of benefits in cost as well as we will have natural water for our needs.

I am available to provide any further information, proposal, and discussions to start the construction of rainwater harvesting. I will be grateful for your kind approval.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name, Designation, Other Details

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