Application for Seeking Asylum in Foreign Country

Sample application letter to request asylum in USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Europe etc on humanity grounds, or political situations, internal war etc. You can get visa, and citizenship after applying for asylum if your problem is true.

Application Letter to the Immigration Department for Seeking Asylum

The US embassy, India

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you about my current condition in this country. There is no work space for us, and being from different religion, other than the state religion, we are not given that respect, and security that we deserve being a human.

There is no proper schooling for our children, and they are forced to study what state wants which somewhere hurts our sentiments. There is no proper security for us, and we are being threat if any mishap occurs. If any bad event happens, we are being victimized, and are forced to take responsibility. Under such circumstances it is very difficult for us to live in such state where humans are considered humans on the basis of religion, cast, and language.

I feel unsafe here, and for the sake of my, and my family’s life I want asylum in your state as I believe that it is free of racism, and provide a good life style to its every citizen. I request you to ponder upon my request considering my situation over here. I have put all my hopes in you believing that justice will be provided to us.

I am looking forward to a quick, and positive response from your end. I shall be really thankful. Please find attached supporting documents. Thanks


Mr. Andrew George, India

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