Complaint Letter to Airline for Cancelled Flight


Format of sending a complaint letter to an airline for cancellation of flight that you have booked previously.

Complaint Letter to Airline for Cancelled Flight

To: Directors of Air Asia

I am writing this letter in regards to a last-minute cancelled flight by Air Asia. I was departing on a business trip with multiple connecting flights, and after the cancellation by Air Asia in Malaysia, I found myself stranded in Kuala Lumpur Airport.

This is extremely unacceptable as I was on a business trip, and it is unprofessional to arrive late. While I understand that cancellations are sometimes inevitable, a passenger should be informed about the cancellation well before the time so that he/she may make other reservations. Because I did not receive any prior notice, I was stuck in the airport for almost an entire day.

I hope that you will reconsider your policies and, in case of any cancelled flights, you should inform the passenger well before the time so that they may make other arrangements.


Blake Daniel

 Complaint Letter to Airline for Cancelled Flight

Hello Sir,

I sent this letter to file a complaint regarding the flight which was cancelled yesterday. I booked a seat on the flight from Lahore to Toronto for 23rd September (Date). However, when I reached the airport 3 hours before the departure, I got to know that it has been cancelled due to some technical issues. I did not receive any notice from the airline regarding this, and had to go through a lot of inconvenience just to know that the flight is cancelled. In addition to this, my classes of 3rd Semester are starting from 25th September (Date), and there is no flight until next week. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. At least I should have been told beforehand so that I would have arranged an alternative.

Please look into the matter to avoid such situations from rising in the future. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor


Warning Letter to Airline for Delayed Flight


Sample of Complaint Letter to an Airline following an unpleasant incident by passengers. Template of warning letter to the airline company which has let you down by providing inefficient services.

Complaint letter to Airline for Delayed Flight


The manager, Air Asia

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to make a complaint regarding your flight delay of air bus 308 from Lahore to Frankfurt. It is not the first time that we are facing such issue. Passengers buy expensive tickets because they have important work to do, or to be at their desired place for any important reason. But I guess you people do not consider our engagements, or tasks important.

I had a very important meeting to attend which I could not because of your poor service. This is not a professional way to deal with your passengers. We are not paying a handsome amount for such blunders. If we are paying well to your airline we expect quality service. The flight was delayed without prior information, and we had to wait at airport for 8 hours. No one of the staff member was cooperating with us. I am really sorry but you have lost your quality. I am never going to travel with your airline again. This was my last, and worst experience. Thank you.


Mr. Tahir Malik

Complaint letter to airline for delayed flight

Dear Sir,

With all due respect Sir, I am writing this letter to inform you about my experience with your airline.

I had a flight a week ago from Pakistan to Turkey. A very important business meeting had to take place that day, and I was flying in a few hours before so I would be able to attend it.

However, such was not able to happen. I was in the waiting lounge ready to board my flight when I got a notification on the screen above me that my flight had been delayed. I was alright since it had been delayed only for a few minutes since the aircraft crew was not ready to fly. I waited for the flight to board but I got no such notification. After an hour, or so I got to know from the management that my flight had been delayed for three hours. When I questioned the management why this had happened they gave me no such convincing response, and asked me to be patient. I was very disappointed since I had to miss my meeting, and was never provided with a reason as to why the flight had been delayed. If I had not gone to the management myself I would have never known it has been delayed this much.

I hope such an event will not happen again, and relevant actions will be taken against my complaint.


Seemi Zameer

Job Application Letter for Flight Attendant American Airlines


Flight attendant cover letter with no experience. Sample resume flight attendant no experience. American airlines flight attendant cover letter.  Corporate flight attendant cover letter.  Cover letter for American airline job. Cover letter flight attendant format.

Application for Flight Attendant American Airlines

The Managing Director
American Airlines
Manhattan, USA

Sir, I recently learned about the vacancy for a flight attendant at American Airlines, and I would like to apply for such job. I have an experience of 5 years in the same field, and I have worked for various organizations in the past as well. I have great communication skills, and I am also ready to face, and overcome any difficult situation that may arise.

With that being said, I have attached my CV which includes all my qualifications, and experiences. I wish to hear from you as I consider myself the right person for this job. Thank you.

Martha Adams
812, Pine Lane
Houston, Texas, USA

Application for Flight Attendant American Airlines

To Dear Sir/Madam,

It is stated that I would like to submit my application for flight attendant American airlines. I have One year experience as flight attendant in local company of America. One year experience seems less but with great experience in ethics, and knowledge of three different languages will be hard to find.

Languages include: French, British English with British accent, and German language. It will be honored if I will avail this opportunity. I have attached all my documents, and certificates with application. Hope you will find it very interesting, and astonishing.

Thank You

Jon snow

Letter to Airline for Lost Luggage


Sample application letter to complain the airline, and informing them about lost luggage during travelling. You can also claim insurance if they do not refund your luggage or damaged, and complain to civil aviation authority about the incident with below letters.

Letter to Airline for Lost Luggage

The Manager Operations,
British Airline Company.

Dear Sir,

This is to draw your attention to your failure for losing my luggage while travelling in your company’s plane on 12th November. I regret, and strongly protest for such kind of negligence by your staff members. I had valuable items, and important documents in the luggage that could never be recovered from anywhere. Anyhow, it is entirely a mistake from your side therefore your company is liable for the missing luggage, and should provide me the amount equal to all valuable goods packed in the luggage.

Once again I repeat, and assert you to pay me the amount for lost luggage.

I hope you would cooperate with me so that I may travel again with your company in future.


George Bush.

Letter to Airline for Lost Luggage

Dear Management,

I was travelling from Dubai to Qatar on flight **** on Thursday of 28th October (Date) at 6:00 pm. Due to some mismanagement I lost my luggage on the way to Qatar. I complained to officers over there, but all in vein. It’s been a day, and still waiting for response.

I have some important things in my luggage, and really worried about that. It’s taking so long. Kindly try to find my lost luggage as soon as you can. I have left my contact number, and home address so that you can contact me, and parcel my luggage at correct address.

Looking forward for your response.

Thank You

Norman James

Letter to for Lost Luggage

The shift in-charge,
XY airlines

Dear Sir/madam,

I am writing this to report a case of misplaced luggage. I travelled from France to UK in flight number 1234 which landed today on 11:00am. However, on my arrival I was unable to find my luggage which has been lost.

I am requesting you to see through it, and find my luggage. It is very important to me, and has valuable items in it. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,

Concerned customer
Hallen Mckay

Application for Seeking Asylum


Sample application letter to request asylum in USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Europe etc on humanity grounds, or political situations, internal war etc. You can get visa, and citizenship after applying for asylum if your problem is true.

Application Letter to the Immigration Department for Seeking Asylum

The US embassy, India

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you about my current condition in this country. There is no work space for us, and being from different religion, other than the state religion, we are not given that respect, and security that we deserve being a human.

There is no proper schooling for our children, and they are forced to study what state wants which somewhere hurts our sentiments. There is no proper security for us, and we are being threat if any mishap occurs. If any bad event happens, we are being victimized, and are forced to take responsibility. Under such circumstances it is very difficult for us to live in such state where humans are considered humans on the basis of religion, cast, and language.

I feel unsafe here, and for the sake of my, and my family’s life I want asylum in your state as I believe that it is free of racism, and provide a good life style to its every citizen. I request you to ponder upon my request considering my situation over here. I have put all my hopes in you believing that justice will be provided to us.

I am looking forward to a quick, and positive response from your end. I shall be really thankful. Please find attached supporting documents. Thanks


Mr. Andrew George, India

Sample Letter to Cancel Flight Ticket


Sample letter to manager or customer care officer, airline representative, airline franchise manager for cancellation of air ticket, refund air ticket due to illness, or any other reason.

Personal Emergency Letter to Airline

Dear Sir,

I want to request you to cancel my flight ticket (ticket no:000) (airline) (class) (destination) due to a domestic emergency. Also, please assist me to get a refund because I will not travel soon. Looking for your cooperation.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Sample Letter to Cancel Flight Ticket

The Customer Care Officer,

Indus Airlines

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I purchased three first-class flight tickets for a flight from your airline going to New York on May 23rd as I planned to travel with family to visit some relatives there. But, unfortunately, due to the ailment of my daughter, I cannot go according to plan. I know that you have a refund policy to cancel the tickets at least 48 hours before the takeoff time. Keeping this in view, I request you to cancel my tickets and refund my payment. I am a frequent traveler and a loyal customer, and this favor will increase my loyalty to a great extent. I thank you in anticipation.



Sample Letter Cancellation Air-Ticket


The manager, AM travelers, NY

Dear sir,

I am writing to inform you that we have booked tickets from NY to LA through your travel agency. Still, because of some urgent piece of work we have canceled our tour, I know it is not good to inform you at the end moment, but we have some serious issue at home, I request you to cancel our reservation and pay back the amount. I am again sorry for the inconvenience. I shall be really thankful for this favor of yours.


Mrs. Debra Morgan, NY

Letter to Airline for Refund Due to Illness, Death, or Medical Grounds


Sample complaint letters to airline for refund of the ticket, a rebate of booking amount, reimbursement due to death, illness, plan change, meeting canceled, etc.

Request for Air Ticket Cancellation, and Rebate of Payment

Dear Reservation Manager,

I am requesting the cancellation of my air ticket (ticket number) dated (date), and issue a rebate of payment. I will be unable to travel for some domestic reasons. I hope you will oblige my request.

Sincerely Yours,

(Your name & air ticket details)

Letter to Airline for Refund Due To Death of Someone

The Blue airline

United States of America

Subject: Request Letter for Air Ticket Reimbursement

Respected Staff,

My name is (name), and I booked a ticket for Chicago last night, and today due to the sudden death of my close relative, I am not able to catch that flight. I am requesting a full refund/rebate of the ticket. The ticket is attached. I hope this will not take too long.

Thank you.

(Your Name)

Letter to Airline for Refund Due To Illness

Dear Sir,

I regret that I want to cancel my seat reservation made a few days ago for the flight to the United States on (date), on account of severe illness. As I was certain to travel but unfortunately got sick, the doctor advised me to avoid traveling, and have complete bed rest till recovery from the disease.

It is, therefore, requested that you please cancel my reservation, and rebate dues at your earliest. An early action in this regard shall be highly appreciated, and obliged from my side.

Thanking you.


Letter to Airline for Refund Due To Death

Sample Email to Airline for Ticket Rebate Due to Sickness, and Missing Flight

Dear Madam,

My name is (Name), and I booked the flight to Los Angeles last week. I was not able to catch that flight as I was not well. I am writing if it is possible, please refund my money as I missed the flight. The ticket for the flight is attached with the letter. Waiting for your response


Airline Ticket Refund Due To Death of Passenger

The Blue Airline


Respected Staff,

I am Roger, and I am writing to bring this to your kind notice that my brother Mitchell, who booked, and paid for a ticket to Chicago, died last night. He died due to a heart attack. His death certificate, and the hospital stamp are attached with the application, and I request that the total amount of ticket number #1234 be refunded to me as I am his brother, and my social security number is #1234. This confirms that Mitchell is my brother, and the total amount of $12345 should be refunded to my account#122345455.

I hope that you will pay heed to my kind request.


Letter for Flight Delayed Compensation to Airline


Want to claim flight delayed compensation? Sample application letter to airline for delayed flight compensation and refund of your booking amount or ticket amount due to delays or missing flights. Claim Letter for flight delay and insurance to airline company is allowed in international regulations.

Refund/Compesation Claim Letter to Airline for Delayed Flight

Dear Sir,

Due to a ten hours delay in the flight bore me a loss to catch my next flight. For the compensation, please refund my ticket amount (mention the amount here). I read your terms and conditions, and I am well aware that customers are entitled to a full refund for a delay of more than five hours. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Letter to Claim Refund from Airline for Delayed Flight

Dear Sir or Madam,

I traveled from Dubai to Singapore on the flight (number) and ticket (number) dated (date). The flight was delayed five hours, and your policy states that I can claim a rebate for this unnecessary delay. So please rebate the 50% payment (maybe $1150) against my ticket.

Sincerely Yours,

(Your Name)

Letter to Airline for Refund as Flight Delayed Compensation

To, Head Supervisor, Oceanic Airline,

Dear Sir,
With full regret, I have to inform you that flight A291 was delayed due to some issue that remains a mystery for the boarded passengers. The flight took off after a delay of 5 hours which caused huge inconvenience to all passengers. I was supposed to reach Los Angeles by midnight and then board another plane to my hometown in Dubai. Unfortunately, I missed my flight and could not get a seat till the next morning due to the delay.

The consequences of this resulted in the cancellation of an important business meeting, air ticket, and hotel room reservation. Therefore, kindly accept this as a request to compensate for my loss for what seems to be your airline’s culpability. I hope you will consider this request before I am forced to take further action. Thank you.

Connor Barnes

Sheikh Al Murazi Town

Standard Letter for Flight Delayed Compensation to Airline Company

To, Managing Director, Oceanic Airlines,

Sydney, Australia

Dear Sir,
I have to state that I was on your flight Oceanic 815 to Los Angeles with due respect. I had an important business meeting in LA, but the flight got delayed due to technical faults. I was on pins and needles to hear the news that we could fly again, but your stewards did not update me with the situation, because of which I had to wait for 4 hours.

Eventually, I lost a huge client. I am a frequent user of your airline, and I am very disappointed with the way your staff reacted. Therefore, I request you compensate me with a specific but equivalent amount of money to waste valuable time. I hope to hear from you soon.

Jason Brown

JJ Mills, Canberra, Australia

Letter for Flight Ticket Rebate Due to Flight Delayed

To, Chief Director, Oceanic Airlines, Sydney, Australia

Dear Sir,
With sheer disappointment, I have to state that I missed my connecting flight to India due to a delay in Oceanic 816 from Sydney to Los Angeles. There was a delay of 10 hours, and during that time, we were kept unaware of the ongoing situation.

Leaving all that misery behind, when I reached JFK Airport, they did not provide any refund, and hence I had to buy a new ticket to India. Therefore, kindly reimburse the expense that I had to bear due to your responsibility. I shall be waiting for a quick response. Thank you.

Kamran Zahid

National Bank Road, Sydney, Australia

Letter to Claim Rebate from the Airline Company for Delayed Flight

Airline Name,

Customer Service Department,

Dear Sir/ Madam, With due respect, I (sender’s name) request you to please refund the payments as my flight was delayed. I had pre-booked the flight from Texas to Lahore,____(Time) almost three weeks on ___(Date) due to the upgoing prices during the holiday season. I am traveling to attend my sister’s wedding in Lahore in less than two days. Unfortunately, due to some mechanical issues with the airplane, my flight was delayed for 9 hours. Traveling from Texas to Lahore takes almost 20-24 hours; I cannot afford this delay; otherwise, I will probably miss my sister’s wedding. So now I had to pay for another ticket from another airline to reach Lahore on time.

I have been a regular user of this airline, and it’s the first time that I have gone through such an experience. I hope that the airline customer care will understand my situation. Hence I dearly request you to refund my ticket payments as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Sender’s Name, Flight Number, Seat Number, Date

Letter to Claim Insurance from the Bank/Company for Delayed Flight

Bank Name, Credit Division,

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I, sender’s name________(bank Id), recently traveled from Lahore to Abu Dhabi due to an important business meeting. Originally I had booked a return ticket from the (Airline name), which had cost me $1140. Unfortunately, as I was waiting for my flight, it is announced that it will be delayed for 2 hours. The flight was further delayed for 4 hours. As my meeting was the next day, I had to book another flight.

I have asked for a total refund from the airline company, but they rejected my compensation claim for the delay of the flight without any proper reasoning. I contacted them again but haven’t received a reply.

I have been facing financial issues recently, and $1140 is a lot of loss for me at such a critical moment. I hope that you will provide me with insurance for this loss. The payment information of the flight and the letter of rejection to refund have been attached. Please get back to me if there are any other documents that I will have to provide.

Yours Sincerely,

Sender’s Name