Application to Union Council for 2nd Marriage in English

Sample application to chairman of union council, or chairman arbitration council for restoration of your marriage breakup, settlement of disputes between the married couple.

You need to submit the application in same Union Council where your wife currently residing. It is better to submit application in Urdu.

You only need to submit an application for restoration of your marriage relationship, and in case of failure the authorities will automatically allow you for 2nd marriage, or they will ask you if interested in 2nd marriage. Please do not mention the permission required for 2nd marriage because in some case it may weaken your case. I am writing this suggestion after discussion with some officers in the UC, and Lawyer. You can also get this application in Urdu.

Application for My wife is not living with me & I want 2nd marriage.

Dear President

Arbitration Council,

UC- 79

Samanabad, Lahore

Subject: Application Requesting for Help to Bring my Wife Back

Dear Sir,

I’ (Your Name) CNIC (number) married in your UC area, and My Nikkah (dated 25 Dec (Date)) is registered in your Office. My wife name is (Name of wife) CNIC (Number) resident of Samanabad, Lahore.

Sir my wife is not living with me, and not fulfilling her marital life duties since February (Date). She went to her home for 2, or 3 days but she never returned. I have two baby girls (Name & Name). My babies are living with her, and I am also paying monthly expenses for my babies maintenance. Her parents home is small, and there is no space for living, and sleeping of my babies.

This is long story but in short I have tried my best to bring my wife back. I sent my parents, my brothers, and their wives, asked various other people to mediate from wife’s relatives but she refused to come back to my home. Her parents were interfering in my family matters, and they took my wife to their home, and now they are not willing to send her back to my home. She also took my Gold ornaments (2 Tola) with her.

Further to this, on 1st November (Date) I also filed a petition of conjugal rights to bring my wife back. But they not appeared in court, or not submitted any answer by them-self, or by lawyer till date.

Even during this time I tried my best to convince her to come back but she always refused.

I request you to please intervene to bring my wife back so I can move forward in my life. In the age of 35 living alone is becoming difficult for me.

Warm Regards,

(Your Name)

CNIC Number

Cell: Mobile Number



  • Copy of Nikah Nama
  • Copy of Conjugal Rights Case

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