Letter for Correction of Date of Birth in School Records

Sample application letter to principal, headmaster, head teacher for correct of your birth date in school/college/university etc.

Email for Correction of Date of Birth by Parents

Dear head teacher

I am writing to you because I have recently had my three children admitted into your school, and it has come to my attention through my kids that they are in the wrong years. This means the date of births has been mixed up, and they are in the wrong classes. I am going to tell you the correct year for each of my children so that they can be in the correct class, and be learning the correct level of knowledge. Joseph Shaw is 01. 06. 1994 Stephen Shaw is 25. 03. (Date), and finally Asma Shaw is 07. 05. (Date). I hope that you will sort this out, and I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards

Miss Sapphire Shaw

Letter for Correction of Date of Birth in Documents

Dear Sir,

I’m writing this letter to you so that I can inform you that as I’ve received my result card, and certificates yesterday, my date of birth is written wrong on it. So please I’m requesting you to correct my date of birth in all documents as it was written by mistake. Otherwise I’ll face difficulty in future regarding my school documents.



Anam khan

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  1. Write a letter to the school principal to change my daughter birth date which is wrong in school record. And also her residence address was wrong

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