Letter for Development of Transport

Sample Letter to transport authority for improvement in transport services in cities, companies etc.

Request for Transportation Improvement Program

The Manager Operations,

Australian Transport Department

Dear Sir,

I want to write a letter to request development to the department of Transport

Allow me to address you on the subject of improving the performance of your department. Your department is one of the major departments in our city that carries thousands of passengers on daily basis through buses, and taxis. Being a leading public transport department, there are many flaws in it that require to be eradicated on dire basis. Some of the main branches that should be improved are:

  1. Old Buses should be replaced with new, or at least repaired properly.
  2. There should be two Fare Collectors for each bus; one for men portion, and the second one for women.
  3. There should be a proper fare chart for every stop, and route, and that chart must be displayed on a window of every bus.
  4. Public face unavailability of the taxis due to their small in number, and this must also be increased.

The above mentioned suggestions could ameliorate the performance of transport department, and it would certainly be helpful in resolving the issues of passengers while traveling by your buses, or taxis.

It is therefore requested that aforementioned proposals should be implemented without further delay as it is mandatory for the betterment of Australian transport department.

With thanks,

Joseph Conrad.

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