Request Letter to an Authority to Provide with Conveyance


Sample Letter to an authority to provide for conveyance. These letters can be used by office workers / teachers /students who are facing conveyance problems

Request Letter to the Office Administration to Provide with Conveyance for a Work Visit

Company’s Address,

Company’s Name,

Recipient’s Name,

Recipient’s Designation,

Dear Sir/ Madam,

It is to inform you that I, worker’s name, am the Asst. Store Officer at your company. Recently I was handed over a construction project for a hotel.I do not have a car, hence I regularly use public transport. As the Construction site is very far from the Office ,I have been having quite a hard time travelling there. I , therefore, request you to please appoint me a company vehicle so that I can do my job without worrying about the travelling fare. Please consider my request. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Worker’s Name,

Worker’s Designation,


Request Letter by an Art Teacher to the School Administration to Provide with Conveyance for a Class Visit to an Art Museum

School’s Name,

School’s Address,

Respected Principal,

With due respect it is stated that I, teacher’s name, request you to please arrange school conveyance for a class visit to an Art Museum. Being an Art teacher for almost 4 years I have noticed that gradually the student’s are losing interest in Art altogether. Instead of being more creative, and out of the box, they come with the same ideas over, and over again. I have already discussed this with other Art teacher, and have decided to take the students to a modern art museum so that they can view art from another perspective. In order to make this possible we will need school transport. Please make arrangements so that our trip can take place as planned.

Yours Sincerely,

Teacher’s Name,


Request Letter by a Student President of a Society to the Administration to Provide with Conveyance for a visit to a Potential Venue for an Event

University’s Name,

University’s Address,

Recipient’s Name,

Recipient’s Designation

Respected sir/Madam,

With due respect I, student’s name, the President of ________ (University’s Name) Sports Society, request you to provide me with University transport. As the biggest society of this University we are hosting a major sports event in which we are inviting many other institutes. The capacity of our sports complex is not enough for this event therefore in order to find a suitable venue I have to visit various other sports complex throughout the city. Please provide me with university transport as I am unable to meet the transport charges of public transport. Hoping for a positive response from the administration.

Yours Sincerely,

Student’s Name,

President of ____ (University’s name) Sports Society


Letter for Vehicle Required


Sample letters to company requesting vehicle for personal, and work usage in office.

Letter for Vehicle Required

To: HR Dept., Hilton Construction Ltd.
Hillback Road, Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

To whom it may concern,

I have been an employee at Hilton Construction for the past 11 months. I enjoy my time working at Hilton, and I have never had any complaints thus far. However, I reside in the nearby district of Leduc and, as I arrive by public transport, it takes me roughly an hour, and a half to arrive at our workplace in Airdrie.

Therefore, I kindly request that I may borrow a company pick-up truck, or any other vehicle is currently not in use so that I may come to work easier. I will cover all other expenses such as petrol, and maintenance costs, and I will keep the vehicle in excellent condition.

Adam Gray
Leduc, Alberta, Canada

Letter for Vehicle Required



Dear friend,

How are you? I hope you are fine. I am also fine here. The purpose of writing this letter is to inform you that I, and my family were planning to have a trip to northern areas. Northern areas are my favorite destination since always. I was very excited for this trip till this morning when my father told that he couldn’t arrange any vehicle. You know, without any transport vehicle how it is possible to go so far. I got very upset that suddenly I remembered your new business of renting cars. I am very hopeful that you must be having a car for me. I promise to pay you the amount when I will return back. We plan to go after 4 days. Kindly send me a confirmation reply in form of email, or letter. I shall be grateful to you if you help me in this regard.



Letter for Vehicle Required for Work

Dear manager,

I am writing to you because I would like to request for a new van. Last week my van was deemed unfit for me to go to work in. Since this I have not been able to go out, and do my job like I normally do. I have clients that are counting on me to fix their heating, and electrical circuits.

I can’t even use my family car to work in because it doesn’t have the space that I need to hold my tools, and it don’t look professional. I hope that you can grant me the van, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Mr. Jake Waters

Application Letter for Travelling Allowance


Sample application letter for traveling allowance from company, office, manager, or boss for visits, meetings. Letter for travelling allowance. Transportation Allowance Request Letter.

Application Letter for Travelling Allowance

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to you because I would like to apply for some travel allowance. On the third of May i am traveling to the United States of America on a business trip. I would like that trip to be paid for by the company, the air plane ticket, taxis, hotel bookings food, and drinks, as I cannot afford this on my pay role.

As this is a trip that the company wants me to go on because I am the only person who knows about the topic of the conference this is your duty. I hope that you will grant me the travel allowance. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Mr. Anthony Horrorwitz

Sample Request Letter for Conveyance Allowance

Manager Public Relations
PepsiCo International

Sir, I have been working at your company for the last 2 years. I was recently promoted to a higher rank which brought immense joy, and pride, and motivated me to work even more passionately. This made me realize that I am remembered in good words by the board of directors. Since the promotion, I have been sent out to visit various offices of the company. For that purpose, I request you to allow me a travelling allowance so that I can pursue official visits as many times as required. I wish to continue working, and earn even more respect with time. Thank you

Akram Khan

Employee, Inspections

Request Letter for Travelling Allowance

Dear Sir,

Hope you are feeling good. I have been working here since (Date) that becomes four years, and it’s the company rule to give travel allowance when your employees have worked three years. The purpose of writing this to request you to give me travelling allowance so I can go to abroad on a trip with my family. I will be very grateful to you. I will wait for your response. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,



Sample Letter for Transport Arrangement


Sample application letter to transport company for arrangement of transport for tour, and for school, college, and university, or company employees etc.

Sample Letter for Travel Arrangements

The Manager Operations,

London Transport Company.

Dear Sir,

Sample Request Letter for Transport Facility

We have carefully examined the transport services you provide for your clients in form of buses, and taxis which is quite satisfactory. As far as our school is concerned, we are imparting education to children in our school system where students are also taken to different trips for the purpose of study, and gaining practical experience of education. Recently, we have organized one day study tour to Botanical Garden in Glasgow city for the students of Botany. In this context, we require a good conditioned bus, and adept driver, who would pick thirty students from Superior School, carry them to the Botanical Garden in Glasgow city, and then bring them back to college in evening hours of the same day.

You are requested to arrange a bus with driver for the trip of Superior School to Glasgow on 13th January. If possible for you then please let us know the charges for this transport facility, and other mandatory requirements from your side with response to this letter at your earliest.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With regards,

Brian Lara,

Vice Principal, Superior School System

Email Letter for Travel Arrangement

Sample Letter of Request for Transportation Services for Shifting Home/Moving Furniture

The Movers

United States of America

Respected Management,

I live in Chicago, and my name is Mitchell. I tend to move to New york because of some business purpose. I love in a condo, and I have a huge collection of materials that includes books, furniture, and other materials. I care about my stuff very much, and as I am moving permanently to New York I want to move my stuff too. I came across the ads of your company, and the transport services you give are very reasonable. I want to request for your transport services. I will be waiting for your positive response within 3-4 working days as I need to move as soon as possible.

Thank you


Letter for Development of Transport


Sample Letter to transport authority for improvement in transport services in cities, companies etc.

Request for Transportation Improvement Program

The Manager Operations,

Australian Transport Department

Dear Sir,

I want to write a letter to request development to the department of Transport

Allow me to address you on the subject of improving the performance of your department. Your department is one of the major departments in our city that carries thousands of passengers on daily basis through buses, and taxis. Being a leading public transport department, there are many flaws in it that require to be eradicated on dire basis. Some of the main branches that should be improved are:

  1. Old Buses should be replaced with new, or at least repaired properly.
  2. There should be two Fare Collectors for each bus; one for men portion, and the second one for women.
  3. There should be a proper fare chart for every stop, and route, and that chart must be displayed on a window of every bus.
  4. Public face unavailability of the taxis due to their small in number, and this must also be increased.

The above mentioned suggestions could ameliorate the performance of transport department, and it would certainly be helpful in resolving the issues of passengers while traveling by your buses, or taxis.

It is therefore requested that aforementioned proposals should be implemented without further delay as it is mandatory for the betterment of Australian transport department.

With thanks,

Joseph Conrad.

Application for Transport Contract


Sample letter to company for contract of transportation of goods/products/items as a transport company. I want a letter to apply to company to transport their goods. Am a transporter

Letter to Apply for Transport their Goods

The Management team, Nestle Pakistan

Respected sir,

With due respect it is stated that I have started a new business setup of transportation, I know it is hard to trust a new setup as compared to the market, but I assure you that you will be grateful to assign me your work. I have registered cars, and trucks. I will provide all the official details, looking forward for your response. Thanks.


Shah Transport PVT

Application Letter for Transport Contract


Sales Manager,
XYZ Manufacturers.

Subject: Application for Transport Contract.

Dear Sir,

From a reliable source I have come to know that you are looking for a transport company that can provide you a solution for all the transportation of all your consignments from factory to the franchises all over the Province.

I am running a company which is providing such solution from more than 20 years, and we are serving more than 200 companies in all over the Punjab.

I have carefully examined your needs, and thus prepared, and attached one fixed cost, and one volume of deliveries based proposal . You can happily compare our proposals with other companies in the market.

I am looking forward to meet you in person so we can discuss this business opportunity in detail.

Kind Regards,

CEO, and Founder
The Transport Co

Application for Transport Contract


The Administration department, Kinnaird College

Respected sir,

We have got to know through newspaper that your college needs a transport service for your female staff, and students.  Sir I would like to introduce my company to you, it’s a new startup, and we are giving best services. We have high quality buses with AC/ heater option, the seats are comfortable, and cozy. I request you to give us chance so we can provide our services according to your demand.


AM transporters

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Warning Letter to Transporter from School


A warning letter sent from the school to the transportation company warning them of the careless behavior which is going on by the drivers for last few days.

Warning Letter to Transport Contractor

Respected Transport Company Manager,

It is to inform you that i am writing you on behalf of Allied School System. We are your customer for 4 years based on a contract. It is stated that from last few weeks i have received complains regarding improper functioning of your transportation services.

Some of the vehicles do not arrive at time, and others sometimes miss important stops on their way. Such an act of carelessness has resulted in a great loss. Some of the students missed their classes due to delayed arrival, or absence. I am warning you that if such a behavior from your company will keep on going then we will have to close this contract, and we will not be able to be your continue taking your services.

I hope that after keeping all the above discussion you will take care of such carelessness from now to onwards. Please make sure that such type of incidents may not happen anymore. I thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Manager Admin

Warning Letter to Transporter from School

Warning Letter to Transporter from School

Mr. Albert,
Chief Transport Company,

Dear Mr. Albert,

It is to inform you that the school had hired you for providing pick, and drop service to students as well as teachers from town, but the administration has come to know that the buses of your company are always late from the due time. The drivers are also uncivilized. They speak harsh words to students, and teachers. The buses are also not cleaned properly.

Parents are not willing to send their children to school on your buses. Most of the parents gave negative feedback about your company. So it is to warn you that, you must take some immediate steps to make your service reasonable otherwise the school administration will terminate the contract with your company.

Yours Sincerely,