Write a Letter to Your Friend Who is Going Abroad with His Parents

Sample letter, or email to your friend, brother, sister, or cousin to ask who is going abroad. Apology letter to your friend for not coming to meet him/her.

Write a Letter to Your Friend Who is Going Abroad

Mr. Kapil Verma
212, Manali Street

Goa, India

Dear friend, I recently heard the news that you are shifting to London, UK with your family. I was saddened that we would not be able to meet much anymore but I was rather glad that you will be having a safe, and secure career over there. I am sure that you will study hard, and will be successful in life. However, I also wanted to warn you about the consequences. As you know, Liquor, and drugs are very common there which can ruin a person’s life. I am pretty sure that neither your parents nor you would like to see you in that state. I am sorry I cannot come to meet you last time before you leave. I will write to you at times, and I hope you will meet me whenever you come back to your homeland. I wish you success in life, and pray that you stay safe.

Yours sincerely,

Yuvraj Singh
Mumbai, India

Letter to Friend Who Is Going Abroad

The best friend,
Dearest friend,

Your father met us in market last night. He told my father that he got a new job in abroad. I was pleased to hear this news but the moment he told that he is not going alone, and all of his family is also going to shift with him, it made me sad. We used to play together as well as we made a lot of mischiefs. We used to say prayers together. We were known as brothers instead of friends due to our great love for each other. A good friend is a great blessing, and I am afraid of losing such a god gift. I had a great time with you which cannot be forgotten ever. I request you after going abroad be in touch with me through texts, and video call. I shall wait for your soon arrival.

Best wishes for a new life. Have a safe, and sound journey.

Your friend,
Ali Raza

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