Approval Letter for Laptop

Example of approval letters which can be used when you want to get permission to get something. Laptop Scheme is a government scholarship, and for some reason it is keep postponing while your name has appeared on the merit list a permission letter will make your process faster.

Sample Request Approval Letter for Laptop

To the addressee:

The Principal’s Laptop Scheme was initially started to give exceptional students, and underprivileged students an advantage that will level the competition across the district. We believe a laptop in this day, and age is a necessity to all students, and the students that fit our criteria will receive one for free.
We would like to formally inform you that you have been approved to receive a laptop under the Principal’s Laptop Scheme. You have demonstrated great behavior, and have been a role model for other students, and your merit has been remarkably high, having surpassed most of the students in the district. It is students like you that give our school the reputation of being one of the best schools in the district.
I hereby congratulate you, and hope that this laptop will aid you in your studies, and that you may use it to further excel in university.

Best of luck for the future,

Principal Richelle Largent

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