Leave Application Format

Sample leave application template for writing leave application for you or someone else. You can learn how to write leave application in your office or institute from the below template.

Simply it is explained that what should be included in the template and sequence of paragraph with design of the leave application.

Template of Leave Application

Attention name:

Address of Company, School etc

Subject Line:

Text body of application in paragraphs:

First paragraph: Who your are and why you are writing leave application. Explaining the reason of leave is most appropriate in the first paragraph.

Second Paragraph: How longer you need the leave. Writing specific days or weeks makes your leave application more specific, clear and purposeful.

Third Paragraph: Request  for approval of leave as desired and say thanks to the authority for accepting this leave application.

Ending: Leave application with salutation is the best adopted method worldwide.

Your Name

Your Signature/Authority/designation/enrollment etc

Leave Application Format

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