Transfer of Office Accessories to New Appointed Staff

This is application to Transfer of Office Accessories to Newly Appointed Staff in your office. For Example If you are shifting your job in other department, or leaving the job, or getting promoted than you can write this application to handover your office accessories like computers, document files etc as clearance.

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If you got issued some accessories for your use, and other employee is asking you to handover all those accessories to him/her than you can write this application to get approval from your manager/boss, or supervisor.



AGM Accounts

Company Name



Subject: Request for Charge transfer


With due respect, it is stated that under mentioned office accessories were issued to me during my job, Now these accessories are being handed over to Mr. Zeeshan Ahmad Costing Officer ( Emp. Code # ________) as per your instructions. Kindly, accord approval for this.

These accessories are:

1): Computer System.

2): Stapler

3): Punching Machine

4): Scale

This will be your great favor for me.



Sr. Accounts Officer

Employ Code # _____


Transfer of Office Accessories to New Appointed Staff
Transfer of Office Accessories to New Appointed Staff

Transfer of Office Accessories

The Branch Manager,

Alpha Chemicals

Chicago. USA

Dear Sir,

I am writing this to inform you that office accessories for the newly appointed staff at this branch have been dispatched on your request. It consists of office furniture, computers, and stationery. Detail of all the items is attached with this letter. Kindly, inspect the consignment qualitatively, and quantitatively, and report back immediately.

Thanking in anticipation.


Administration Manager.

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