New Branch Opening Invitation Letter Format

Sample new branch opening invitation letter format for office, bank, franchise, shop, shopping mall, store, new production unit, factory, coffee shop, hotel, restaurant, and any type of business.

Invitation Letter to Guests and Customers on New Branch Inauguration

Dear Sir,

We are opening our new branch of (business name and address) on (day and date). And a ceremony will be held on the same day at 8 PM. We’re inviting you to join the inauguration ceremony where we will also be inviting our previous business customers. We hope you will ensure your availability, and your participation will be an encouragement to us. We thank you in advance.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Invitation Letter for New Branch Opening

Kanza Faisal Khan
Brand Manager
W. Telecom

Subject: New Branch Opening Invitation Letter

Dear Kanza Faisal Khan,

The new branch of Gloria Jeans has now opened in DHA-XX, and it is an honor for me to send you an invitation for our branch’s opening party(Ceremony). Therefore We cordially invite you as our guests.

We opened this branch keeping in mind the need of the citizens of this area. As you know, the youngsters of our society always want a place to sit with friends. Therefore this cafe will be open 24/7 to provide the service. Additionally, complimentary sweets will be given to all the customers for the first week of our opening. So you are always welcome with your family.

We promise to deliver our best when it comes to food quality. Your presence at the party(Ceremony) will be highly appreciated. I thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

Sincerely Yours,


Branch Manager

New Branch Opening Invitation Letter

The Concerned Person, XYZ Company

Dear Sir,

With all respect I would like to inform you that after the success of our model town branch we are opening our new branch in johar town, we would like to invite you at the opening ceremony of our new branch on 5 august (Date), to share our success, and happiness. We have arranged a dinner for our guests as well. We are anxiously waiting for your arrival. Thanks.


ABC Company,

Branch Opening Letter Sample

Dear Sumbal Arif,

I am pleased to inform you about our new branch of Nadia Cafe in your area for the ease of our esteemed customers like you. Therefore, I am very happy to invite you to the opening ceremony on the First Monday of May 2014 at 5 PM. The ceremony schedule is attached for your convenience, and its duration will not exceed 2 hours.

All of our esteemed guests will be served welcome drinks, and finally, refreshments after the ceremony. Your presence will be an honor for us.

Sincerely Yours,

Rosey Naeem

Invitation Letter to Guests and Customers on New Branch Inauguration

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