Sample Quotation Format in Ms Word

Sample quotation format in ms word for shop, business, company and office is available for free download. You must put the logo of your company in the Microsoft word file and make necessary changes in the quotation format as per your requirements.


Design Edge

A Printing Company

ATT: Mr. Muhammad Samiullah
SemiOffice Corp



SIZE            3 x 7 FEET
FLEX          CHINA
PRICE         RS.500/-each

We trust you will please confirm your order and give us an opportunity to serve you to the best of our capability.

Ms. Ayesha
Manager Client Services
Design Edge

Quotation Template in Word File 2

SemiOffice Corp
D.H.A Lahore.


Specification      Qty          Rate             Amount

Cloth Banner                           100                      250/-                        25000/-

Size 12×3 Color

Total                         25000/-

Muhammad Sulman
Creative Head

Sample Quotation Format in Ms Word
Sample Quotation Format in Ms Word for shop, business or company

Instructions to Use Quotation

Quotation normally issued before sale to give rates of specific product, discount and availability of the product or installation time. Quotation rates must be for specific time period for instance, rate are valid for one month, 15 days etc.

Please copy the above quotation data and paste it in Ms Word file. Adjust data as per your needs. Put your company name and other information, name of the products, estimated or final prices for approval from the client with terms & conditions of the order. Don’t forget to mention validity of the given prices or specific time period.

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  1. I need to be schooled on quotations because I write a lot of quotations in my kind of work. Your example helped me a lot but I need to learn more.

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