Application for Leave from College

Sample application for Leave from College due to illness, marriage, exam, accident, internship, or any other reason.

Application for Leave from College

The Principal,
ABC College,


I have been a bonafide student of your college in class—-Roll no —The marriage of my elder brother will be held in the next week. I will have to arrange all necessary items in this regard. I have to go to the market to purchase different necessities.

So, I do find myself unable to attend college. You are requested to give me leave from ———-to ———–.I will be obliged in this context.

Yours obediently,


Application for Leave from College

Dear Sir,

I’m a student of BBA studying in the 6th semester, as my specialization is just started; I know these days are so important for me. Still, I want you to give me one day’s leave as I’m doing an internship, and I’ve to go on an office tour to Islamabad on the 14th of March. Please allow me one day’s leave. I’ll be thankful.

Hoping for a positive response


Rosey Mudassar

Application for Leave from College Due to Grandfather’s Death

Roll no
College name

Dear headmistress!

I hope you are doing well. Last night I was informed that my grandfather, who was ill for quite a time now, has passed away, and my family members asked me to come there in this time of grief to mourn with them. As this is the peak time of the semester, I know taking a few days off will not be a smart decision, but my family needs me in this difficult time. So it is my humble request that I take a leave for the whole next week so that I can be present there for all the rituals.

Your student,


Leave Application from College

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

I beg to say that I am suffering from a high fever for two days. So, I am unable to attend the college from (Date) To (Date). Kindly grant me leave for three days. I would be very thankful to you for your kind deed.

Yours sincerely,

X Y Z.

Application for Leave from College

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