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Leave Application for Death of Grandfather

Sample leave application due to death of grandfather or grandparent from office or school to attend all the related maters, demise of grandparent, ceremonies and functions before and after the funeral.

Leave Application on Death of Grandfather from Office

I am Hira Anwer, floor manager at Target Sores writing for urgent leave due to death of my lovely grandfather at home. He was in old-age and he passed away due to heart attack. My father called me and ask to reach home as early as possible. Sir please approve my leave for at least three days so I will be able to attend all the ceremonies at home.
Sincerely yours,

Hira Anwer
Floor Manager
Target Stores

Leave Application Due to Death of Grandfather from Office

Leave Application for Death of Grandfather/Grandparent from School

Dear Headmaster,

I am Ashfaq Ahmad student of 9th grade section C. Sir my grandfather just passed away as my mom informed me on a phone call at the reception desk of school. Now I want to leave for my home now and informing you through this application about death of my grandfather and I will remain on leave for next three days. Please grant me leave as required.

Thanking you,

Ashfaq Ahmad
Roll No. 23C
Class 9th

Leave Application on Death of Grandfather/Grandparent

Manager Human Resources

Dear Mr. Lloyd Brook,

I am employed in ‘Operations and Services department’. My Employee id is 123888. I have just come to know from my father about the sad demise of my grandfather in the Headquarters hospital due to brain haemorrhage. His funeral ceremony will be performed at 5 pm at Saint Josef church. Therefore, please grant me leave for rest of today and the next day so that I could participate in his funeral ceremony and console my family members at this time of grief due to loss of my grandfather.

While I am writing this to you the clock has just struck 2 pm. I shall be grateful to you for early approval of my application for leave so that I could make timely participation in his funeral. I also request to pray for his departed soul to rest in peace!

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

Leave Letter for Death of Grand Father

Dear Madam,

It is to bring into your kind notice that I, Imran Zaheer have been working in your school as sports teacher. I just got the sad news of death of my grandfather.

My grandfather was suffering from Heart disease for last 10 months. There were several tests have been taken to recover the disease. But it was the will of God. Funeral ceremony has been decided, so I would need to reach there immediately. I request you to grant me leave for 2 days.


Imran Zaheer

Leave Application for Death of Grandfather from School

My grandfather was death due to high fever .so I want to write a letter to the school principal for leave of absent yesterday.

Leave Application on Death of Grandfather to Principal

The Principal,
The City School.

Respected Principal,

This is to inform you that I the student of class 8th was unable to attend the class yesterday due to the death of my grandfather. He had a severe fever and died of it. Our family is facing hard times as his immediate death is hard to bear. My exams are near and I realise that these kids of leaves are great loss.

But hope you understand my situation and the scenario of my family at home.
Please grant me one day leave I will be very obliged.


Aysha Yasir.

Leave Application for Death of Grandfather/Grandparent

Manager HR,
Company Name,
Location Address,

Dear Sir / Madam,

It is stated with sorrow feelings that my Grandfather was ill from last year. He was suffering from kidney failure. He was under treatment in hospital, but ailment increased and was uncontrolled from last month. He passed away last night. He was accommodated in Islamabad that is very far from Lahore.

I have to attend his funeral ceremony. He was very kind to me and my family, may Allah rest him in peace. I am leaving for railway station in half an hour hence please allows me leave for just two days. Please be kind and allow me I’ll be grateful to you. Thank you very much in anticipation.

Yours Playfully,

Matt Prior

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