Letter to Librarian to Issue Books


Sample Letters can be used by students those requesting to borrow books from their school/college libraries

Request Letter For Library Books


Mrs. Samantha John, Excel library NYC

Respected Madam,

With my due respect, I am writing this letter to make a humble request to you for allowing me to issue 2 more books. I am aware of the fact that I have not returned the previous issued books, and I am eligible of paying the fine. As I am busy in the preparation of my GRE exam therefore I was unable to return the books in time. I am highly occupied right now with studies. I shall be really thankful to you if you process my request, and allow me to Issue more books. I am looking forward to your response. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Garix

Letter to Librarian to Issue Books

I am aware of the fact that I have already exceeded my limit of borrowing books for this month. I know the library cannot lend me more books in this month as per the rules of library. Therefore, I request to you to give me some lenience this month. My annual exams are up the horizon, and I urgently need two books. I am ready to pay extra charges. Kindly allow me an extension of two more books for this months, I assure you that this will not happen again.

I will be very grateful to you for this favor

Letter to Librarian to issue books

Dear Madam,

With due respect, I sent this letter to request you for book issuing. As you know that being an A level student, we have to look for different sources to cover the topics in our syllabus.

My Mathematics Teacher told me that our school’s library has latest version of the required books for preparation. I went to the book store for buying those books but they were not available. Furthermore, my SAT test is coming up so for its preparation I also need Barron’s Book. I am aware of the fact that according to principles we cannot issue more than one book at a time but I request you to kindly grant me permission to issue two books to me.

You can look into my history that I have frequently issued books from library, and have returned them in time. I assure that after I am done with my tests, I will immediately return both books. I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards;

Fatima Aamir

A level year 2

23rd September (Date)

Letter to Librarian to Issue Books

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter with a sincere request to allow me to issue books from the library. I am a university student currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have been awarded a scholarship but I have to pay for my rent, and other expenses as well. I have a part time job with which I try to manage all my expenses. As you know that books can be very expensive, and I do not have enough funds to purchase new books every week for my research, and studies. My rigorous courses confine me to use various books for extensive study. I will be very grateful if you allow me to use the library as a source, and let me issue books from here. I will return the books on time, and not damage them at all.

I hope you will pay heed to my request, and provide me with an affirmative response.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali


Application for car parking in the college, or school


Sample of Application Letters to school, or college Principals to allot a valid parking space to their student body. Parking spaces are becoming necessities of schools, and colleges, and to get that spot legally students can use this template to send application to school, college professor.

Sample Application Letter To Allot Parking Space


The management, pacific group of colleges

Respected sir,

With all the due respect, I am writing this letter to bring it to your knowledge that students face parking issue daily as there is no proper parking space in the college, as we all students use bikes for travelling purpose, and finding no space for parking creates issue for all the students. Most of the time we get late for the early classes because the time is wasted in finding place to park our vehicle. Last month 3 bikes got stolen because of no parking space, and administration, and guards did not cooperate with us. We are in a miserable condition; we want you to take a step towards this serious problem.  We shall be really thankful to you if you provide us a proper, and secure parking space. We shall be looking forward to your quick, and positive response. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Class 11th B

Application for Car Parking in the college, or school

Respected Principal,

With due respect, I wrote you this application to ask for permission for parking my car in school parking. I am aware of the fact that the parking area is only for teacher, and working staff but I request you to kindly allow me the access to it.

As I am a resident of DHA, my house is quite far from school. My parents are both working individuals so they don’t have time to pick, and drop me from school. Furthermore, as I am the only child so I don’t have any elder siblings who can help me out in this situation. Hiring a driver is an option but I cannot keep him waiting in the car until my school hours are over as that would be a harsh thing to do.


Till last week, I used to park my card outside the plaza that is beside our Campus but someone punctured my tire, and it caused me a lot of inconvenience so I don’t really see any other option besides parking car in the school parking. I would be very grateful to you if you grant my request.

Best Regards;

Ali Haider

O level year 2

Application for Car Parking in the College, or School

To: Principal Bertha
Ellington College, New Mexico, United States

It has come to my attention that there is no car parking in the college. One must go around the neighborhood to look for parking, which requires the student to walk a large distance to get to college.

These students are in college; they are adults. It is no surprise that most of them have vehicles of transportation that they use on a daily basis. It is bizarre that there is only parking for teachers, and professors within the school.

This makes it a major inconvenience for these students to get to class. Therefore, we request that car parking be expanded, and given to students as well.

Student Council of Ellington College
New Mexico, United States

Application for Car Parking in the College, or School

Respected Principal,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter with a sincere request to please allow students to park their cars inside the college. In the mornings, the traffic situation is intense, and students have to wait really long to get a parking spot because parents are dropping their children off. The students who drive themselves to school consider this as a troublesome problem since they often can’t find parking spots, and get late for their early morning classes. I request you to please arrange an area inside the college where they can park their cars so it becomes easier for them.

I hope you will look into my request, and consider my suggestion.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Year 11

Recommendation Letter For Student Going To College


Sample format in recommendation letters to student who will be going off to college next year. As these students have devoted a a huge time of their life to an institution learning, and growing up in it, there is not person more suitable to write them a recommendation letter than a teacher who knows them so well.

Letter Of Recommendation For College Admission

To whom it may concern,

I am a professor who has been teaching students at BeaconHouse School for the past ten years. I am writing to recommend a student, Tyler Hall, who has shown exceptional capability in performing his tasks as my student. In our class of roughly three hundred students, Mr.Hall has achieved one of the highest merits in the A levels of our class. Mr. Hall is extremely hard working, and has never missed a day of class; except due to certain family emergencies. He is very well-mannered, and does not complain, or start any issues if asked to complete a task.

I believe that both merit, and personality go hand in hand –, and this student of mine has demonstrated remarkable qualities in all.

For all the reasons stated, it is therefore that I strongly recommend allowing this student to go to this college. I believe Mr. Hall will be a unique student who will never disappoint, will perform his tasks on time, and without question, while showing great knowledge of all subjects.

I hereby formally recommend Tyler Hall to this college.


Professor Lindt

Sample Request Letter Funding for College


Example of letter requesting authorities to provide funds for necessities of college e.g buildings, or auditoriums to facilitate students.

Sample Letter Requesting Financial Assistance For College


The Education Minister,

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to bring it to your knowledge that the fund we received last month for the construction of our new building is not sufficient. As you know that number of students is increasing every year, and there is insufficient place to accommodate all the students. We received half of the amount we quoted.

I request you to process my application so we can continue the construction of the building. Please find attached bills, and other documents regarding the construction process.  New session will be starting by the 10th of July, and we are left with 1 month only. We are supposed to windup all the work within this month. Please pay special attention to my request.  I am looking forward to your positive response. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Cambridge College

Sample Letter for Funding in College


Name of Institution,

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

As you are our most valuable trustee, and we are always thankful to you for being an important part of our college, we are delighted to inform you that student from our college has recently won various prizes both at district, and provincial level; they have added more starts to our college. We have made our name in field of supports as well as other extra-circular activities including speech, debates, and other academic competitions. We are one of the best colleges that provide reasonable fee structure but we never compromise on our studies.

As we are growing, number of our students is also expanding due to which we have to hire more teachers. With this increase of students we lack funds in providing those best possible opportunities where they can enhance their skills, and abilities. We hold a proven record of education, I thereby request your institute to increase, and send the funds which will help us to secure the future of these wonderful students which are our true assists.

Together by joining our hands we can act as catalyst to save the future of our country, I expect that you will hear my request, and grant us funds so that we can implement on our strategies as soon as possible, we are waiting earnestly for your response as we won’t be able to function further without these funds, we value your support highly.

Warm Regards,

Sender’s Name.


Sample Letter Requesting Funding for College

To: Mr. Travola – Headmaster
York College
North York, Ontario, Canada

I hope this letter receives you in good health. I am writing this letter to bring to your attention that we need additional funding for our college.

As you know, our college has a very high reputation, and more, and more students are coming through every year.

We need to create additional buildings to accommodate for the new students.

I request that you hire the contractors to start this work immediately, as the next semester is coming soon.

Thank you, and I await your reply.

Professor Adams
York College
North York, Ontario, Canada

Application Letter to Change College


Sample letter of transfer to another college.  College transfer letter format. College transfer letter example. Formal letter for changing college. How to write request letter to dean? Request letter to college dean.

Application Letter to Change College

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to you so that I can inform you that I want to change my college because the study here is very tough, and the teacher usually don’t come to the class, and they don’t even know how to handle the students.

In previous college my grade was A+, and now after seeing the result of my midterm I came to know that i am not going to learn anything here. So kindly issue my transfer letter so that I can continue the process.


Ahmed Chaudhry
Second year

Letter for Change of College

Roll number
Class batch

Respected sir/madam!

Hope you are doing fine. I was going through a problem which I wanted to tell you as you know I come from Brooklyn, and this college is at the far east of Upper East Side which makes it very difficult for me to come, and go on time daily. I was actually considering on campus accommodation but that happened to be very expensive, and I cannot afford a place of my own anywhere else in the Manhattan.

I would like to ask if you can consider of moving me to another branch which is of twenty minutes from Brooklyn. I would be very grateful of you if you can consider my request that would mean I can go on with my studies without any hindrance.



Prize Giving Speech for School, or College


Sample prize giving speech for school, or college. Sample speech for prize giving day.

Sample Speech for Prize Giving Day

A very good morning to you all, and please be seated.

I know this day contains a special sort of exciting buzz for all the students, and teachers. All the hard work that student has put in their exams will be recognized, and rewarded by presents While the other students will receive an appreciating certificate still the gifts will serve as motive for them to do better next year, and earn those presents, and trophies.

This is the time to give a special mention to our teachers who teach our students throughout the year, and that’s not all they do, they shape the future of our country, and they make our students an honorable citizen of the society. Of course doing that sometimes they have to be strict which you guys do not like but trust me when I say they mean well for you. They are the only one besides your parents that roots for successful future, and amazing life ahead.

To all the winners of the prizes, and trophies congratulations on the behalf of the ABC school, and now to those who did not get it work harder next year , make your parents, and your teachers proud, and most importantly make your country proud. Now enjoy the rest of the event the refreshments has been served!

Have a Good day everyone!

Alumni Meet Speech by Students


Speech on the occasion of alumni meet. Dear friends Can anyone send alumni speech Thanks, and regards

Sample Alumni Speech by Student to Colleagues

Dear friends

Who would’ve thought that we would be standing here after so many years of being apart all living our own lives making our own families, and marking the world with our stamp. We are all former student of Stanford University.

I would like to thank all of the teachers who were stricked on me. Even the time when I didn’t hand in my assignment a day late, and I got two hours of detention for it. And the time when me, and a few of my friends got into trouble when we played a big prank on the football team at the end of the first year. There was many times during my time here that I thought that I wouldn’t be able to make it, and that I would fail. However the one thing that got me through it was my family saying that I would fail, and that because I am a girl that this type of career isn’t for me. Well I would like to say that I proved you all wrong, and today I have come a long way from where I was ten years ago when I was last standing in this very spot.

I am a very successful business owner with three establishments on the whole of the United Kingdom. There are a few people who are here today with me who I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have without them. These three people stand with me side by side as equals  and partners in my business one of which I my husband. So with this note for the very reason that we are all standing here today have fun, and recount the past memories that each of you had in this very hall, and don’t forget we are here to remember, and make new, and fresh memories for the future.

Kind regards

Mrs. Fiona Ghana

Welcome Speech for freshmen in College


Freshman speech ideas. Welcome speech for freshman students. Welcome speech for new students in college. Freshman orientation speech. Orientation speech for first year students.

Welcome Speech for New Students in College

Please be seated, and a very warm welcome to all the freshmen this year. It seems like yesterday I was one of you sitting in those chairs wondering what college has to offer to me, and now I am standing here welcoming you all, time flies children. That’s the thing I want you to keep in mind that there is no time to waste.

Of course a lot of you if not all thinks that college is a place for fun, letting loose which it kind of is but in between this fun do not forget about why are you here which is to learn, to get good education, and to go out in the world with a valuable degree. College years can be the best time of your life if can just remember that the key is ‘’balance’’.

You need to attend all your classes, and be attentive in them during the week, and weekend is your stress reliever, you can have the fun that you imagined then. I can promise you in this place you will learn a lot, you will make a lot of new friends, and you will leave with a valuable degree, and a lot of great memories.

Application for Applying As a Teacher in Engineering College


Sample application letter to apply for employment in engineering college, or engineering university to teach engineering students. 3 Sample Application Letter for Teaching Position in College available below:

Applying As a Teacher in Engineering College

Dear college principle,

I am writing to you because i would like to apply for a teaching position in your engineering college. I am an experienced teacher in mechanics in Norwich University but due to budget cuts I was one of five people let go. I am looking for full time work, and I live within walking distance to the college. I have a full valid DBS certificate so I can work with anyone under the age of eighteen.

You will find attached my up to date CV with my all of contact details if you need anything you can call, message, or email me. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Karen Collins

Application for Teacher in Engineering College

Dear Sir,

I’m writing this letter to you so that I can let you know that I’m applying for the post of teacher in your engineering college. As I’ve done my Mechanical engineering from UET Lahore in (Date), and graduated with 3.5 GPA with grip on many engineering subjects, and have an experience of teaching for almost 1 year in an engineering college.

Hope you will think about my resume, and select me as a teacher.


Miss Saba Naz

Teacher Job Application for Engineering College

Dear Sir / Ma’ am,

Here I am writing this to you to serve in your institution as a teacher. I come across with your job ad I read all the job description you have mentioned. Although, me, and my work are totally up to the mark, so I thing I am eligible for this teaching job.

Here I will mention all the experiences of my life in the field of teaching. I started teaching as a professional in the age of 24 in private secondary school of Lahore. Then in the age of 25 as I have been graduated in the bachelors of electrical engineering, I joined Islamia Women College where I used to teach physics to both first, and second year students. Then in the age of 28, I switched my job from college to college of technical, and practical engineering.

I have served here for 6 years but I always tried to join to women engineering college so as now I am writing to you, the women engineering college, for the position of a teacher. I will be very thankful to you if you will consider my application.

Thank you.

Yours affectionately,

Hooriya Zahra

Application for Leave from College


Sample application for Leave from College due to illness, marriage, exam, accident, internship, or any other reason.

Application for Leave from College

The Principal,
ABC College,


I have been a bonafide student of your college in class—-Roll no —The marriage of my elder brother will be held in the next week. I will have to arrange all necessary items in this regard. I have to go to the market to purchase different necessities.

So, I do find myself unable to attend college. You are requested to give me leave from ———-to ———–.I will be obliged in this context.

Yours obediently,


Application for Leave from College

Dear Sir,

I’m a student of BBA studying in the 6th semester, as my specialization is just started; I know these days are so important for me. Still, I want you to give me one day’s leave as I’m doing an internship, and I’ve to go on an office tour to Islamabad on the 14th of March. Please allow me one day’s leave. I’ll be thankful.

Hoping for a positive response


Rosey Mudassar

Application for Leave from College Due to Grandfather’s Death

Roll no
College name

Dear headmistress!

I hope you are doing well. Last night I was informed that my grandfather, who was ill for quite a time now, has passed away, and my family members asked me to come there in this time of grief to mourn with them. As this is the peak time of the semester, I know taking a few days off will not be a smart decision, but my family needs me in this difficult time. So it is my humble request that I take a leave for the whole next week so that I can be present there for all the rituals.

Your student,


Leave Application from College

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

I beg to say that I am suffering from a high fever for two days. So, I am unable to attend the college from (Date) To (Date). Kindly grant me leave for three days. I would be very thankful to you for your kind deed.

Yours sincerely,

X Y Z.