Leave Application for Car Maintenance

Sample application letter for the repair of car, maintenance of the car, car service, car to workshop, etc., to office manager and get leave for maintenance purposes.

Leave Application for the Car Maintenance


The Manager operations,


Dear Sir,

It is stated that I was in Islamabad on a business trip two days ago. Suddenly, I received an emergency call from my home in which I was informed that my younger brother met with a road accident, and he was in serious condition. After this news, I abruptly left for Lahore.

On the halfway, my car disordered and had some issue in engine. I was near to a rest house on the motorway, so somehow I reached a mechanic shop. The mechanic told me that the car would take more than a half-day to get repaired.

I could not stop there as I was in a hurry, so I handed over my car to a mechanic and returned. Now I am to go to get back my car after repairs. Kindly allow me one day’s leave.



Leave Application for Car Maintenance


Mr. Charlie Austin

Directing Manager

ICC ltd.

Sir, I am William Trapp, and I am an employee at this company in the Sales department. I have been working at this company for the last 3 years now. I have lived up to every task and challenge I have had to face while working here. Unfortunately, however, my car broke down either on my way here or my way back home several times in the last few days.

For that purpose, I would like to ask for leave to go to the mechanic and get my car’s maintenance done. I wish to eliminate the risk of missing work unexpectedly in the future so kindly grant me leave for tomorrow. I shall be very thankful to you.

William Trapp

Employee, Sales

Leave Application for Car Maintenance
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