Leave to Attend Court Date, or Appearing in Court

Want to write a leave application to go to court? We provide sample application letters for leave to attend court dates, appear in a court case with the attorney or lawyer, etc.

Leave Application for Legal Work

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that today is the date of my personal case in the civil court. So I need to go to court. So please give me leave for half-day today. I will come to the office at twelve o’clock after the court appearance. So I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Leave to attend court date

Dear Sir,

I want to say that I have a court hearing after two days, and I will have to go there as my presence is highly required due to some circumstances. Therefore, I request you to allow me a leave for a day to attend the court hearing. I shall be highly obliged.

Yours Respectfully,


Leave to attend court date

Dear Sir,

This is respectfully stated that I have to appear in the court tomorrow at 10:00 AM, where the authorities have summoned me to record my statements as an eye witness of an incident.

As the courts’ location is a bit far from our office, it will not be possible for me to attend my duties after finishing my part from the court; otherwise, I would have come to the office after the completion of the task.

Would you please grant me leave for tomorrow 22nd of December to reach there on time to avoid any inconvenience?


Best Regards,

Your Name

Leave To Attend Court Date

Dear Sir,

It is humbly stated that I have purchased a property through a property dealer. But later on, I came to know that he had sold the same property to someone else too. So due to that, I had to call him to court for doing this fraud. So I have been dealing with this legal matter for the last six years. I am to go to court for the final hearing of that case to Lahore High Court tomorrow. So I shall be highly thankful to you if you allow me a leave for tomorrow.

Leave To Attend Court Hearing

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that we had pleaded our civil case being heard by Honorable Judge of Bench 1. The case was adjourned till the 2nd week of February, XXXX. Today, I received a notice of the next hearing from your good self.

It is to express that I will no longer be able to participate in the forthcoming hearing of the Court due to the death of my beloved Uncle.  In consideration thereof, you are requested to please allow me 3 days’ leave to recover from the effects of said demise.

I am looking forward to receiving an encouraging response from your good honor.

Thanking you, and with profound regards.

Truly yours

Luce Right

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