Letter Rejecting an Offer after Accepting

Sample letter to reject or regret for accepting work offer. Letter to reject business offer, letter to reject partnership offer.

Letter to Reject Work Offer

Respected Mahnoor,
Extremely sorry for not getting back to you was really busy in last days also I think thesis is not my area of interest I was taking it as a proposal initially but I guess it’s not. Actually I have experience of writing professional proposal and reports as have worked in a development consultancy for more than 2 years as associate economist so my interest is something of that kind i am finding this thesis thing a bit different and i guess as for now its time would be over too. If you got anything you think I could do please tell me I would look forward to it

Thanks for your anticipation
Tamsila Hasan

Letter Rejecting an Offer after Accepting

Company name
Job vacancy

Respected HR manager!

Hope you find this in good health. I recently gave an interview for the job mentioned in your company and two days back I got the call telling me that I was qualified for the job and was asked if I wanted to join from coming Monday.

I said yes without giving it much thought but now I am thinking I may have said it too soon as I got job offer from another company with more benefits and as for now I would like to work for them .Grateful for your time and consideration.



Letter Rejecting an Offer after Accepting

To Respected Sir,

I am writing from New York’s Company. As recently our company had accepted your offer to launch your brand with the help of our advertising in TV. I am really sorry that our company is having second thoughts due to which we are rejecting your proposal. I hope you agree with our decisions.

Thank You

Katherine Dave.

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