Application for Duplicate Mark-sheet

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Request Letter for Duplicate Mark-sheet

Respected Controller of Examination,

Respectfully I am writing for duplicate copy of my mark-sheet as I lost my Original Mark-sheet during the traveling from Delhi to Mumbai in the train. Sir, my name is Shunil and I was student of BBA Honors, session XXXX to XXXX. Unfortunately I beardĀ a heavy loss due to stolenĀ of my luggage in train.

Now I humbly request you to please issue me a duplicate mark sheet on urgent basis and I will submit any required fees for duplicate marksheet so i will be able to continue search of jobs.

Thanking you,
Enrl: 847G004

Application for Duplicate Mark-sheet


I changed my apartment last year, and during the process of shifting, some of my accessories went missing. Since then I could not find my original mark-sheet of high school. Currently, I need that document for the submission of my admission form.

It is requested to issue a duplicate mark-sheet to me as early as possible.

Thank You

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